ESPN: Big 12 looking at possibility of adding UCF, BYU, Houston, and Cincinnati, including adding 2 teams even if UT and OU stay

Full quote: " During Thursday’s meeting, conference officials also scratched the surface on discussions of what the Big 12 might do if OU and Texas left, and one source said that included looking into whether there were other Power 5 programs that might want to join, or if schools like UCF, Houston, Cincinnati or BYU might make good additions. There was some appetite in the meeting for possibly adding two teams even if OU and Texas decide to stay.

None of those conversations gained significant traction, though, because the next step is figuring out the intents of OU and Texas – and their motivation.

But if Texas and OU do leave, which seems to be a very real possibility, this could be good for the abovementioned schools.

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If UT stays in the big 12 then we ain’t going to the big 12 that’s all I’ll say


Thanks for posting a credible article 3rdWard.

I have to agree that if UT and Okie stay, UH won’t be one of the two teams added.

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If they add 4, UH+ UC + BYU + either UM or UCF (depending how far east they want to go) make the most sense.

Would still make the Big12 a good conference…very balanced


The problem is UT is not going to give them answers that they seek. I also don’t think they leave before 2025. I think they are posturing so they have a stalking horse before taking a final deal.

I think Houston is in if Texas and OU leave. The problem is I think that just buys us some time on a sinking ship with a subpar TV deal which will eventually sink.

The Big 12 almost makes the AAC look more stable unfortunately.


If all this happens, what is the timetable?

I’m thinking before the season starts. The Big12 probably has TV penalties if the conference is under 10 members plus the additions would have to notify their conference they are leaving. The sooner the better to join the conference by next season

We will know A LOT by our kickoff vs Tech

Big 12 instability means AAC instability. No AAC team is going turn down an invite to the Big 12.


Or we might know a lot by next week once UT/OU sent the letter to B12 that they’re not coming back.

UT and OU will be gone after this year. They not going to hang around for 3 more years.


Exactly…thats how fast I think this will happen.

  1. Texas and OU formally announce their departure
    2a) AAC invites 3 Big 12 programs
    2b) Big 12 raids the AAC


  1. A bigger fish (B1G , PAC, ACC) makes a strategic move to kill the Big12

Agree but after 2022.
The buyout will still be some outrageous $$$ amount and UT and OU will hand over the check with a smile.

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I agree, that would make a good, competitive conference. But if that happens, UH shouldn’t get too comfortable. That zombie version of the Big XII will not have a long shell life.

Winning, competing for championships, CFP, New Year’s bowl games and long runs into the NCAA Tourney will be a must.

UH can’t go dormant or hibernate like it has off and on for decades. UH needs to be the next TCU in football and maintain and exceed what CKS has done for Coog basketball.

It’s win or close up shop the next time the college sports cart gets upturned.


As we speak UT and OU are working on exit plan. This will be their last season in the big 12


They would be leaving behind their tv rights if they leave early. I don’t think they would leave that type of money when they do not have to do it. Just let the tv deal play out and leave in 2024-2025.

You just nailed it Fireman.

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Posting this just for some credibility

Nebraska should join big 12


No it doesn’t. If even one AAC school leaves to join those programs the conference will start grappling for the oxygen tank. Regardless of what happens to the B12 brand the AAC doesn’t exist in a bubble. For every program that leaves the AAC the B12 gets more viable and the AAC less so. Sure, if everyone stayed right where they are the AAC would seem more stable. But that’s not how this is going to play out. The American only has about four respectable football programs. You can’t lose hardly any without dying off.

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