ESPN bottom 10

We beat the 4th worst team in the espn bottom 10 and now we will destroy the big 12!!!

If we win 7 or 8 more games does Dana stick around or will another program poach him from us?


He won’t get poached unless we go on an undefeated run from here on out.

But you can safely bet that if we make a bowl…he at least keeps his job, regardless of whether anyone agrees with that or not.

What happened to firing coaches at 8-5? :rofl:.

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It died together with our G5 status.

We certainly followed it during our G5 days…see Applewhite for reference…but I’m guessing that with the jump to P5…a lot more slack will be cut…especially for these first few years.


No one is going to poach Dana Holgorsen. No one.


Better extend just in case


You talking about the rope on his neck :sunglasses:!

At least 5 years $50M


I’m surprised we are not on an ESPN list our QB play is aweful.

Maybe she forgot she said that?

And now the “4th worst team in the ESPN bottom 10” who we beat last week will surely move up in the Bottom 10 rankings after losing to Jacksonville State last night. I turned the game off when they were up 21 - 7 over Jacksonville State only to check the score this morning to find out Jacksonville State won 35 - 28 in overtime. Ouch!

That’s what WVU thought so let’s hope for a bigger sucker out there than UH has been.


No we didn’t.

Every coach gets one freebie “sucky” season.

Even Kelvin Sampson got one of those.

Year two was a COVID year.

Doesn’t count.

Years three and four we averaged 10 wins per season.


I’d also push the ‘sucky’ season aside for a ‘first’ season. If you have a sucky first, you can have a rebuildy second. COVID year sort of counted as that. It’s the same thing I say about Tune.

2018 - thrown in due to King injured
2019 - thrown in due to King redshirting and wanting to come back in 2020
2020 - gets starting job because King left
2021 - breakout
2022 - final

“3. U-Can’t (0-4)”

I remember when everyone in The American called UConn that the year they left the conference.