ESPN: College Football will have Major Leagues and AAA

On college football gameday this morning, Lee Corso said he had an idea. “Power 5 teams should be considered major leagues, and the group of 5 should be considered the AAA’s like baseball. The Power 5 teams should have their own rankings and the group of 5 should have their rankings. The best team of the group of 5 should be an automatic bid for a major bowl berth vs a power 5 team. The Power 5 teams should be the ones with the playoffs only.”
Reece responded to this comment by saying, "Don’t worry Coach, it’s coming…it’s definately coming.

---- He does not believe Cincinnati is for real, and that they are a AAA team and cannot be considered seriously. Kirk Herbstreit responded that Notre Dame doesn’t have an impressive win schedule. Kirk believes Cincinnati should be considered as the 4th team in the playoff.

Corso is everything wrong with college football. People deciding who is worthy and who isn’t worthy, no matter what happens on the field because they know who is the best. Basically just talking heads diverting money to the people who are already in power.

He disgusts me. His view of things is so not what America stands for. Unfortunately it is what America is in many cases.

It is time for him and his mascot heads to exit stage left. Don’t tell me not so fast my friend, just get off the stage.


So basically FCS plus a bowl game?

Yeah, no thanks.

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I brought up this idea 12 years ago to Charlie Palillo’s radio show to do college football like English Premier League Soccer. A certain number of schools in P5 who finish at the bottom of their league would be relegated to the Group of 5 And those who finish at the top of the G5 move up to the P5


In every walk of life there are those that have and those that don’t.

UH rose up out of nothing fighting for everything we have. The fight will continue even after we get to the B12.


If this is the way it is going then go with the soccer style of relegation.

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Yeah, promotion/relegation would be fine if anybody in a position of power had that in mind.

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Alabama and the SEC would never allow it unfortunately

Alabama probably wouldn’t care nearly as much as Vanderbilt.

The whole Alliance would care a lot, though, since they fashion membership as being about something more than sports.

that’s basically the way it is now

  1. Power5 are considered better than everyone else
  2. Group5 are considered irrelevant
  3. Best Group5 gets a NY6 game
  4. No more than that one Group5 team will get in other NY6 games

It’s just ignorant bias

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It’s not at all like relegation. Throwing a bone to one G5 school each year is not the same as 5 schools moving down and 5 schools moving up to make more money and maybe have some sustainability.

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I have written it countless times. The stinky rodent and its cartel allies are killing college football.
What made college football?
Local rivalries where fans could drive an hour or so to their nearest rival or even less. That rivalry was embedded into our DNA.
The stinky rodent is only looking at one thing:
Shareholder returns. It could care less about what sports is all about. Yes we will soon be part of the cartel if all “falls into place” but I will still defend an undefeated to be part of this scam. All of these schools are benefiting from federal money. There is nothing federal about this scam.

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What do you mean by this?

They have so much power over college football let alone the money. The would fight any kind of relegation from happening. Them and ESPN would shut down relegation talk.

I highly recommend everyone listen to this Freakonomics podcast where they discuss in great length Leicester City’s improbable Premier League Championship. It was all about a little money falling their way that the Man U’s and Liverpool’s of the world decided to share (ad money from United States’ NBCSN contract).

This format would have allowed a school like Houston or UCF to thrive years ago.

Nobody’s saying it’s like relegation, just that implementing relegation/promotion is the only way this plan could be okay.

Name me another team that has had to overcome such obstacles-political and circumstancial.

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…UAB? Louisville? UCF?

Boise State still hasn’t overcome, because their obstacles are greater.

Corso is senile he needs to go away

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