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compare apples to apples…Ward totals for 2.5 games v 4 for the rest

Sadly that’s not how it works…

I really hate san Diego state, and hate their fans even more, so it really gets under my skin anytime they get recognized for anything, I wish they’d play someone worthwhile so no one has to talk about them anymore.

Didn’t even know they had a team until this year. What would really chap their ass is if they go undefeated, and we lose to Louisville but win out after that (would prefer to win em all). We would have 1 loss and still be ranked ahead of them and get the NY Bowl bid. Suck it, Azzzzztecs.

At this rate how many TDs will Jackson end up with. It is great to see Ward recognized but there is too much P5 bias to give him a fair shot. However, if he keeps working his way up he will go head to head with Jackson at the end of the season.

Regarding SDSU, in some ways the shoe is on the other foot. UH is like Boise was and everyone else is playing second fiddle. Of course UH could likely still be ranked with one loss, but UH has earned that level of credibility with their play and not to mention the elevated play of the AAC as a whole.

Clemson will be a big test for Jackson and Louisville; they will be the best defense they’ve played up to this point and Clemson has the athletes to slow the Cards and Jackson down. I imagine that CTH will be keeping an eye on this game more than any others when trying to build a strategy on how to stop Jackson.

Lamar Jackson is a beast. I would dare him to beat me with his passing. Because if you let him run, it’s over!

That’s definitely the approach I would take. His accuracy is still shaky at times so the idea would be to contain him and bring pressure. Same approach that a lot of teams are taking against the Cougars and Ward, but Ward’s arm strength and accuracy are much better this year.

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I don’t think Ed, Steve, and Co. plan on letting him run. His stats are indeed very impressive, though.

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We don’t let anyone run. I don’t care who you are.

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Lamar Jackson is a highlight reel with his legs and his deep ball is buttah. The bright side is Clemson should be giving us some golden tape this weekend, so Orlando will have a chance to get creative and dial up some hurt for Jackson. As awesome as LJ is, I give a healthy UH defense the nod.

Greg Ward still has plenty of time to make his mark this season. The Louisville game will be a big opportunity for him to show the voters what he can do head to head with LJ near the end of the year.

In any event, I think he is more concerned with rings than trophies… just my impression.

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