ESPN just played the little 8

Think about it. ESPN has committed to starting an ACC network. They can put us in the ACC and get more value than us in the BIG 12 because network distribution in Texas with us in the ACC will pay a lot more than not having any Texas teams. Us in the Big12 didn’t make any sense for ESPN.


And they played Fox, too. Fox has no control over ACC inventory. Watch the ACC snatch us up and air most of our games opposite the Big 12 on Fox.


gC…I like your way of thinking.

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Well GC, presented a very plausible idea and situation. We’ll see how this plays out. Right now, it was the Big 12 on the clock and they just blew it big time, in my opinion. Hopefully, no other conferences have that sort of short-sightedness.

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This is a very funny post

If the least, I can enjoy a chuckle about it. But, I’m not putting it past the power brokers to do something else and throw the Big 12 under the bus. Who knows?

Relax. Our leadership is strong.We will wind up where we deserve and the pay-off will be sweeter because of it. Big 12. “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”

I want to believe that the ACC or some other P5 is going to snatch us up.

I really do.

But the truth is, no one other than the Big 12 has so much as even sniffed.

This is a HUGE disappointment. I hate to be pessimistic, but I am worried that it may be some time before we get another chance.



I would love to see UH and WVa go to the ACC. Gets UH in and cuts it to Big IX

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