Just have to say I am loving ESPN Plus.
Watching the women’s soccer game on my phone and the volleyball game on my TV.
Here is the soccer game:


It’s good for stuff like that for sure but I hate that all the big PPV UFC cards are through ESPN+

Can’t wait for that November card, unreal

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Gaethje vs Chandler is actually the one I’m looking to the most…. But it is a great card

No doubt that’s not going to a decision lol, that main event is going to be amazing too after their first fight

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This thread is going to cause the football board to implode. Women’s soccer and UFC talk in the same thread??!? The travesty!


We got it last year and one thing we really liked was the baseball coverage, it was very good. If the baseball team had improved as much as the coverage, it would have been great.


I love how we get all the other UH sport coverage with ESPN+.

I’ve found myself watching women’s soccer, volleyball and basketball games I would have never watched before.

Good stuff!


I look forward to the day ESPN lets you subscribe to an all inclusive streaming package, bypassing cable companies completely.

I love ESPN+. When mens basketball starts, it’s going to be must see TV.

Yes, ESPN+ is worth the small fee. So many football games it’s crazy, and tons of basketball, too. Also watch UH baseball plus all the women’s sports. If you’re a big soccer fan like me, it has tons of games, especially European matches. Also, they are going to have a ton of NHL games this year, too.

ESPN + is definitely worth its cost.

I learned at the last minute it did not cover the UH-Tulane game because it was a nationally televised game. So I had to subscribe to YouTube TV which carries ESPN

I agree the ESPN plus is great for other sports including basketball and football games that aren’t the main draw.

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