ESPN pushing the ACC

Kirk Herbstreit top 4

He has:

  1. OSU 2. Bama 3. Clem 4. UL

Seems like the biggest coincidence of all time that one of the most influential ESPN talking heads is pushing 2 teams from the same conference in the top 4.

If the final score of the ClemvsUL game doesn’t matter, then ESPN is saying winning and losing is irrelevant. They will decide who the “best” teams are.

And the worst apart about is there aint s*** we can do about. I’m not going to boycott CFB. I’m already hooked. As a sports fan I can’t boycott the ESPN family of networks, or Disney for that matter.

People, please don’t believe this Lamar Jackson hype. He is a very good player. Very fast and elusive QB that can make some throws. But IMO people shouldn’t win Heisman trophies if they can’t even win their own DIVISION, let alone conference.

You know the only other Heisman trophy winner who didnt win anything of note? Johnny Manziel of the SEC/ESPN conference.

Now it’s Lamar Jackson fresh off the new ACC TV deal set to run all the way to 2036.

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It’s good for UH the more anybody pushes Louisville. OU too.

UH has the opportunity to beat both. The more hype they get- the better.

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He’s assuming that UofL beats the Coogs. Ain’t gonna happen at the Cage.



I like 15-0 better :grin:

Doesn’t matter what ESPN says. The playoff committee determines who’s in. They have quite a few old retired football coaches who don’t give a damn about the media. I’m sure those guys aren’t happy that a media member is in the committee even, if he’s still there (haven’t checked to see who’s on it this year). Don’t worry, have some faith. All we need to do is win.

The playoff committee is run by ESPN. ESPN televises all the games. They decide the matchups.

Also, how do we know who voted for who? The votes are anonymous. That should be unacceptable. Honestly, I would be ok with this system if I knew who voted for whom.

Too much grey area, too much room for interpretation.

One thing I noticed that gave me a little confidence in this system is the fact that they didn’t put OSU in the playoff. Everyone was talking about them being the greatest team of all time and all these NFL players, then they lost by 3 to highly ranked MSU team.

UL is now in a similar situation, except UL lost much earlier in the year so it will not hurt them as much.

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