ESPN+ Question

Does anybody know what is the determining factor(s) to have our BB games streamed on ESPN+ and not televised on one of the ESPN channels?

@coog74 so ESPN has several channels ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN U

And they have many games from Big 12, ACC, SEC, etc that go on those channels.

They just have other games on their main channels. Is why we’re on ESPN+

For us being #1, not sure they cant bump another game for us


Pretty sure they are purposely putting some big games on the Plus on purpose. They are trying to get more subscriptions.
This morning the ESPN main channel said MBB Texas at Iowa St Exclusively on ESPN+, and then MBB #1 Houston at Tulane Exclusively on ESPN +.


Sounds correct… they would want decent content streaming to drive subscriptions, hoping people bundle with Disney+. Disney+ subs is a pretty important metric for Disney stock.

They also had Kansas #2 vs Iowa State #14 on ESPN + last week.

A top 15 matchup on ESPN +

It’s not personal.


@Catamount997 that could also be true. But you’re also missing great ratings by sticking Texas vs Iowa St on ESPN+

Instead of on main ESPN. Some CBK fans, will see ESPN+, see the $10 sign up and will pass on the game

If all ESPN+ showed was the dregs of college sports, who would watch? The fans of their schools. Kansas has had some Big XII games on ESPN +. They have to show some good games to get you willing to buy.

Howling about tonight’s game? The UH-UCF game next week in Orlando is on ESPN+ too.

At the risk of sounding cynical, I usually just follow the money. ESPN is already pretty much locked in on your cable/satellite subscriptions. ESPN+ is an add on they enjoy if people want to watch the No. 1 team on tv

It got me to sign up.


Tulane isn’t a big enough draw. They think we may blow them out making it a boring game and low viewership.

I wouldn’t want to see only Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky (especially this year) on ESPN’s main channels. Good to diversify the product.

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What is with the video feed?

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Absolutely garbage quality


Terrible feed.
Commercial is fine.

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I was going to ask if anyone else was having problems, but I gathered you are. Of course the commercial is coming in fine.


$$$$$$$, I would suspect


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I figured Tulane wasn’t prepared to have that many viewers, computer they broadcast on ran out of data space.


Clearly the problem was at the arena.


I do not have a problem having our game on + but what about having an announcing crew WORTHY of that match up? IMO the public gets more “into it” when announcers are well known. We have had man’s voice doing our football games. A screeching voice doing a BBall game is not ideal.