ESPN says won't telecast ECU-USF due to protest

For every action there’s a reaction. Our country was founded on protest, and I fought for peoples right to protest. However, there are consequences to actions, if you’re willing to pay the piper then do what you believe is right. Even ECU fans booed their band for some kneeling during anthem.


Local radio affiliate of ESPN. This is NOT ESPN tv or corporate decision. Its local only.

I hope ECU sues them. This is breach of contract not a ‘protest’.

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I saw on another thread that this station not airing the games will likely only be noticed by truckers driving through the area on Saturday.

I won’t get into the merits or lack of merits of the band members protesting but you have to look at motivation. With this radio station I have to think is about attention. The station manger gets lots of attention and media only to later leverage it for something better…" I’m the guy that…".

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