ESPN Way Early 2022 Top 25

Coogs checking in at #13


Man. Just imagine where we would be if we had Quinn Ewers or Jaxson Dart. Probably number 1.


You’re doing a bit right?

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Higher than I expected, but great news.


Almost as impressive as Coogs at #13 is that UT was left off…. Nobody drank the overrated koolaid.


It’s incredible. Doesn’t ESPN know that the Horns have Ewers? He may be the greatest QB to ever lace up a pair of cleats.

Even without ever taking a snap. And the hair?? Fantastic.


I heard with his NIL in hand,that he would be hiring an attractive coed to walk around with a battery powered fan…… you know, to blow at his beautiful, wavy hair so it looks like it’s in constant motion.

Other sites’ early predictions for 2022:

247 Sports - #22

With quarterback Clayton Tune returning and Alton McCaskill primed for a stellar sophomore campaign following 16 touchdowns in 2021, the Cougars should once again be explosive offensively. Our analysts are slotting Houston as the preseason favorite in the AAC over Cincinnati.

SI - #18

Dana Holgorsen got his career back on track in a big way in 2021, taking the Cougars to 12 wins. He should have the roster to win the American Athletic Conference in ’22, though there are some defensive holes to fill. In QB Clayton Tune, running back Alton McCaskill and receiver Nathaniel Dell, Houston has star power that should light up the scoreboard.

Fox Sports - # 15

Dana Holgorsen is developing the Cougars into a would-be Big 12 Power at least a year before the move.

Sporting News and DMN had UH just on the outside looking in.


13 is too high. 18-23 is more appropriate.

Didn’t all of the Aggie 5-stars get NIL deals too? It just wasn’t as public as Ewers.

13 is too high.

I realistically see UH starting off at about #21 or #22 in the AP Poll when the season starts.

I guess college football is going to play backyard football next season. You know, the kind where you have no blockers just skill players.

Until we prove we have a line that can block consistently, especially in the run game, I don’t think we beat UC.

Preseason polls are waste of electrons, anyway.

That P5 treatment! Lol


There must have been a typographical error. I didn’t see the whorns ranked. :grin:


We finished the season at #17 and we have key players returning next season which leads me to think that a 2022-23 preseason ranking of #17 is a good starting point.


Agree Goose, I see them starting anywhere btw #16-20 spot.

Again we do not play Cincy during the regular season.

Our road games at SMU, Memphis, and ECU will be stout.

Nor is UCF on schd just like last year of course.

I noticed you and a few others think #13 is too high….why?

I don’t think any of us know just how good next year’s team can really be…. There are also another 15-20 players that will be coming in as well.

I also doubt any of us ( except maybe pesik :wink:) have done the research on teams 10-25 to know how good or not so good they will be.

For years and years we talk about how nobody shows us any respect…… then we finally get a little and some of you think it’s too much.


No worries. We’ll see either Cinci or UCF in the AAC championship game. :wink:

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