Established HC, OC or DC

I feel old. I remeber when Stein was QB for Louisville

Both solid names. My concern with Henson would be he has been an assistant for 24 seasons, had an OC/OL job before and regressed back to just OL. Now is he really doing a lot at USC or is Riley running that offense? With Stein, I would want to see a little more experience. If we go for somebody that young, I would rather get G.J. Kinne (assuming this season continues going well) since he has HC experience and was an NFL player.

Hartline would still be my favorite over those guys though. Garrett Riley is another name for up and coming OCs. Bad week 1, but this weekend is a good test. Another guy to keep an eye on is Rhett Lashlee. A big weekend for him too and we have to see how the season plays out, but I feel like SMU is going to be a 9-10 win team. He knows how to recruit from his time at Auburn and Miami.

Just watch a season of “Swamp People” and you’ll understand him

Until I’m persuaded otherwise, my choice is Brian Hartline.

I have no problem understanding Coach O, but I was raised in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge.

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