Every Top 25 College Football Team's Most Under-the-Radar Player

Every Top 25 College Football Team’s Most Under-the-Radar Player


Number 12 Steven Taylor

I don’t think he is under our radar


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Agreed, a Nagurski watch list guy shoudn’t be our most “under the radar” player, maybe the general public doesn’t know much about him, and most stories on national sites are all about CTH and GW Jr. Better choice likely would have been Brandon Wilson. I have not seen him on any of the watch lists so far, but I think we easily would have lost a couple more games without him down the stretch.

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Mine is Chance Allen.


The only sad thing about Brandon Wilson is that he is a senior and this is our last season to have him. We could sure use his talent for a lot longer. He is probably the most versatile player on the team along with Postma.

Allen is a good one. Malveaux, Adams, and Bowser would all be good choices as well.

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