Ewers shaved his head and threw for almost 400 yards on Alabama's defense


How many is he gonna drop on Belk’s defense next month before Sark pulls him from the game? 600? 700? 800?

When they put Manning in next, how many will he throw for?

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He could have 500 in the first half.


They will beat us as badly as possible. Sending Texas to Credit Union Stadium to play us was a thumb to the eye from the Big12. CDH running his mouth was not helpful either. Paybacks are a … well you know the rest.


Sadly, I think Texas will embarrass us at home in front of our fans. It will be much worse than Kansas last year where we had no answer for Daniels.

Wait… I meant Rice. We didn’t have an answer for Daniels against Rice.


Well let’s not kid ourselves, it will likely be in front of their fans. Hey, as Pez said, either way we get the money so it’s a win!!



Bama has fallen off recently from their great defenses. Ga has beaten then recently etc

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Bama can no longer stash players. With NIL, why would anyone choose to play at Bama if they can go to UGA, UT or UNC? All are better places to live. Plus, you don’t have to put up with Nick Saban.

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