Ex Coog- New UT PC

He actually campained for the job through social media. UT Baseball is turning into former Coogs.

Maybe they need a 1B Coach-- TW.
I kidd I kidd :grin:

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Pierce replaced a Coog with a Coog.
Some of us wanted Woody as our PC, but Whitting opted to go another direction.


Did Woody have no interest in coming home ?

This. Woody is one of my favorites of all time. Of course Whitting would never allow him under the tent for fear we’d want Woody to replace him.


Yeah Funk I’m sure Woody would take this program over any Blue blood any day!

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Woody was awesome. A straight-up country boy hard ball kinda guy. He’d play any position any day. He’d pitch and play the field in double-headers. He was in the last wave of the generation that pitched until their arm fell off, didn’t complain when they were hit by a pitch, and went out and had a beer with the other team after the game. Miss those days.


And don’t forget Brad Lincoln. He was a warrior too


Sugar Land has 6 games vs Reno this week. Doug Drabek is Reno’s PC.

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