Exceeding Expectations 2021

Our 2021 Football team exceeded my expectations by far this season. Contributing factors, DH replacing DC in order to retain Doug Belk, Kody Russey transferred in, Marcus Jones leaving Troy, NDell coming in from Alabama State, Jake Herslow packing his car so he could become a walk-on & CTune injuring his hammy which forced him to stay in the pocket. I am interested in what others believe contributed to our wonderful season.


I think those 2 lost years of overall player development did a lot better than I and others were giving DH credit he could get done.


I think everyone can start trusting Dana. He clearly knows what he is doing.

I stayed up and watched the West Virginia game last night. The difference between Houston and West Virginia was very clear.

We traded up, they traded down


I credit all the fans booing CDH and Tune during the Navy game. It motivated them to turn it up a notch and delivered a wonderful 12 win season. Hats off to you overweight, drunk, profane, t-shirt fan person. We all owe you a debt of gratitude and a beer next time we see you.



For me the Tech loss and the players came together after having a team meeting after dominating the 1st half


I wouldn’t go quite that far but there is no question that halftime of Navy is the turning point of the season. Whatever was said between players, coaches, etc. changed the course of the season.


This boards brutal trashing of Tune and Dana…you guys know who you are


Adding Russey was huge.


Actually, I should get all of the credit. I came down with Covid three days after TT game, and did not make one football game until the last home game. I’ve been a jinx all of my life (the teams I pull for frequently lose) so my not attending and rooting for UH most of the season gave them time to come together and win, win, win . . . . .


Good opinion piece and I agree on all 3 points.


How about the brutal trashing of the Coogfan posters that supported our program and kept the faith with CDH, Tune, et al?

Creeping out of the woodwork to say, “ok, I ate some crow for 5 minutes to make up for all my insane trashing and name calling of true loyal Coog supporters for a large portion of the season so I have paid my penance and am now forgiven” isnt really saying much at all.

I would have more respect for them if they stuck to their convictions and simply said “its just a matter of time before this house of cards falls”. No backbone


Soft schedule. It was purposely designed for us to win and renew the faith with Dana and Co. Mission accomplished.

I don’t dislike the man, I want him to succeed and kick ass in everything he does but… sometimes I think back to “I can’t coach this shite!” and it gives me moment to pause.

Players love him I believe which is huge! And I’m hoping this translates well on the recruiting front. I so want to T-bag the big 12.


Same hateful posters incapable of accepting apologies and moving on. Time to start using the ignore feature. I’ll crawl back in my hole now. Happy new year to everyone not ruled by hate.


You’re welcome.

Doug Belk becoming DC was a major move. The improvement on defense is a massive contributor to our success this season.


I hope people realize that was meant in jest. Everyone had (rightfully IMO) plenty to trash CDH and Tune after that TT game.

I’m just glad that CDH and Tune are men and understand that criticism comes with the territory and persevere through it. Some snowflakes on this board feel it’s their duty to lick boots and stamp out any negative comments, which is ridiculous on a college fan board.

And Norb, I wasn’t describing you. You’re not a t-shirt fan. Ha! :grin:


The biggest accomplishment this year was learning how to win.


What’s up Qwan ! Hope all is well and in good health. Wishing you and yours a great 2022

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Agreed exceeded expectations for sure. Congrats to CDH and team.

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