Expanded Playoff Sites - On or Off Campus

Looks like the bowl leaders and committees see their sweet revenues about to get plundered… I’d prefer the games were on campus as opposed to neutral site bowls.

What do y’all think?

On campus for sure.


On campus makes too much sense. The Bowl cronie’s are in a panic.


The bowls have rolled out the red carpet from scratch for decades. Some communities build their entire year around it. They were the ones that invented it. I see their side of it.

They want a piece of that part of the year. It also helps the underdog obviously.


I’m probably alone in this, but I’d definitely prefer off-campus. If our 2015 FSU game had been played in Tallahassee, for example, I doubt I would have been able to go. UH almost certainly would not have sent students to Tallahassee for a true road game. I also conceptually hate the idea of colleges having what would be their biggest on-campus games when students are at home.

Frankly, I don’t really love the college football playoff either way, though; I think it takes a lot of joy out of the sport.


They may have started it, but the times… They are a changing.

On campus is definitely the way to go and it means that earning a higher ranking throughout the regular season means something…

But, the NCAA tourney is neutral and it’s pretty great…

Tough call.


Problem is asking fans to go to the Fiesta Bowl one week then the Cotton Bowl the next week. No clear cut best way. Maybe campus sites until the final then rotate which bowl hosts the championship every year. Bowls for the rest of the field (Non Playoff schools)


The championship will obviously be neutral site. I think the first set of games will probably be on campus if they can work out the logistical challenges (this was said to be a problem). The debate is going to be the intermediate rounds, which are bowls and which are on campus.

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On campus until the final four.


My guess is that it’ll be neutral site after the first round of games, but that’s my second guess.

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I love going to bowl games, love going to different locales, neutral sites. Peach Bowl was a dream come true…
Our bowl games are (finally) going to be great or at least much improved. Sick of the Armed Services Bowl, Birmingham, etc., and absolutely no to Frisco…

Fan bases enjoy going to fun locales. Which got me thinking when I heard this announcement earlier today…notice how there are ZERO, NADA, ZILCH bowl games in Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, etc ?

Just sayin…

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Prob a good idea to help fan support. A bowl game at uh would fill the stands for ex. Good idea

The NY6 bowls are all warm weather sites. Even the B1G travels to the Rose Bowl. Lots of smart people motivated by the big dollars. UH travelling to Michigan for a playoff game would be a huge advantage to the cold weather team.

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As a fan of college football I love the bowls, I don’t want to see them diminished or eliminated. In a playoff situation traditionally the higher seed gets homefield advantage (Except for basketball). With a 12 team playoff you’re probably giving 4 teams a bye week which eliminates some travel for fans. I’m sure as the figure out the money they’ll figure out the balance between bowls and playoffs.

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One thing to note here is that if they go to 12 teams with the first round on campus, they’ll effectively be punishing schools that do well enough to finish in the top four. Alabama and Clemson won’t be happy about losing out on the revenue that comes with an extra home gameday.

An extra home game to advance versus a bye to advance? :thinking:

That’s not a tough call.

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If the second round is in stadiums, this will probably be why.

My guess, though, is that they won’t keep the home game revenue as they would with a regular home game. If it’s their stadium they’ll be compensated for that, but tickets won’t be sold out of their offices.

How are CCG handled? Some conferences do neutral site, some do home games. How do the latter handle revenue?

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I would do games on campus until the final four. But allow the visiting team a larger share of seats than normal (maybe 25%) including lower level seats for their band.