Expansion Link Dump - Aug 12th

A few more exciting topics today, but still no word about when this will all end:

National Writers

Houston, BYU especially would add to Big 12’s athletics
Jake Trotter

Conversely, Houston has four top-25 victories in 2015 alone, capped with a 38-24 romp over ninth-ranked Florida State in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl in December.

That’s not the only area the Big 12 expansion candidates stack up well.

During the past decade, Houston, South Florida, Central Florida, BYU, Cincinnati and Boise State have all been ranked in the top 10 of the polls at least once.

Local Big 12 writers

Guerin Emig: Mike Gundy on Big 12 expansion: "I think right now we’re pretty much clueless"

Gundy isn’t so sure about a Big 12 house that includes Houston, or any other new residents for that matter. Ten seems plenty to him.

“You’re fighting geography, you’re fighting a Texas school, you’re fighting what other people’s perceptions of schools are. That’s why in my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth it,” he said of expansion. “Just be patient, see where we’re at. We’re not that far off. Two years ago we should have had a team in the playoff. Last year we did. What’s the big deal? That’s my opinion.

Memphis, seeking spot in Big 12 expansion, sends tasty appeal to Texas Tech
University president ships barbecue

Tech this week released communications regarding Big 12 expansion in response to an open records request from A-J Media.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has lobbied Tech on behalf of Cincinnati for inclusion in the Big 12, and Tech presidents also have gotten on-paper pitches recently from their counterparts at Central Florida, East Carolina and Memphis.

Local Big 12 Expansion Candidate Writers/Media

Politics and policies could impact BYU’s chances of Big 12 inclusion

“Suddenly, BYU’s strong football tradition, national following and 63,000-capacity stadium may not be enough to secure Big 12 membership,” wrote Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News.

Media survey: Coogs, 'Cats to Big 12

All were asked the same question: Which two (or four) schools do you think will receive a Big 12 invitation? Cincinnati and Houston each appeared on 16 of the informal ballots, followed by BYU (nine), UCF (four) and USF (three).

New premium seats unveiled at Liberty Bowl

The University of Memphis is almost finished adding new stadium seating at the Liberty Bowl, capping a $38 million public-private investment at the stadium and Tiger Lane since 2010, and hopefully improving its chances of landing in the Big 12 Conference.

Sights and Sounds of USF Media Day

_On potential Big XII expansion talks dragging into the season:_Willie Taggart: “USF Football will support no other cause, foreign or domestic, other than winning the American Athletic Conference.”

Triple Threat With John Harris Part 2 - College Football Discussion

Sean & Ted talk to John Harris of Texans radio about the upcoming college football season which includes conversation about the best running backs, the Big 12, and the Houston Cougars.

Cougar talk starts about 5 minutes in and they talk about Mark Schlabach’s predictions from yesterday. Lasts about 3 minutes from that point.

Trickle-Down Expansion Candidates

He points out that Murfreesboro is considered part of the Nashville media market, which is the 29th-largest in the nation. MTSU has the sixth-largest TV market in C-USA as part of the Nashville-metro area. AAC teams include markets such as Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Orlando, Cincinnati and Memphis.

“Mike, Murfreesboro is truly part of the booming Nashville metropolitan area,” Massaro wrote. “MTSU has a significant presence in Nashville and its TV market as illustrated by our strong NCAA Tournament game ratings.”

He also pointed out the conference record success in men’s basketball and football as MTSU has won 71 percent of its C-USA football games and 77 percent of its C-USA men’s basketball games.

I can only picture the Tech president opening up a big, sloppy, leaking box of bbq sauce with a little bit of cold pork in it, getting sauce all over his desk and pants and the floor, and then Kasich showing up, saying “Hey are you gonna eat that?” and then taking an entire pork chop and stuffing it in his mouth in one shot while talking about why Tech should vote for Cincinnati

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Isn’t the ‘big deal’ the fact that your conference is adding a championship game, currently has only 10 members who play a round robin that will always make the championship game a replay of a previously decided HTH match up earlier in the season? Exciting…

And isn’t the Big XII the least stable of the P5s and getting another P5 to come over to your conference is not likely so at what point is your expansion pool going to get any better? So, yes, please be patient and see how it goes.

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