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Oh boy, the piranhas went swimming after the news dropped about the 17 (now 18) schools that will be “interviewed” by the Big 12. Tons of articles from all over the place were written and I’ll try to include almost all of them. Going to break up the posts again to hopefully make it easier to read:

National Writers

Big 12 to interview 17 schools about expansion, sources say
Brett McMurphy

Sources also said it’s “becoming less and less likely” that the league will expand to 14 teams. The most likely scenario is that the Big 12 will stay at 10 teams or only add two schools for a 12-team league with two six-team divisions, sources said.

Memphis sent the Big 12 some of its famous ribs. Let’s rank 14 candidates by food bribes they could use

8. Houston. Houston may not have the specific food identity like New Orleans, but it’s a massive city that has everything from Vietnamese to Tex-Mex to Whataburger.

Big 12 local writers

Big 12 job fair reaches embarrassing stage
Berry Tramel

The Big 12 job fair is another blight on the league. Other conferences, when confronted with the need for expansion or replacement schools, identify the best candidate, negotiate in secret and make a deal.

Report: Big 12 will interview 17 schools about expansion

“I think most institutions would want to give (their current conferences) a year’s notice,” Bowlsby told the Austin American-Statesman. “The idea of them playing (in the Big 12) in 2017 is probably not realistic.”

Ask Kellis: football, basketball, jet lag and Big 12 expansion

Right now, I would label the favorites Houston and Cincinnati. BYU is the wild card. If the Big 12 decides it wants all three, one other school (maybe Memphis) will get a golden ticket.

Bowlsby’s strong strategy helps Big 12 navigate latest expansion saga

It’s hard, at this point, to even hazard a guess as to what is going to happen. But let’s not forget that none of this would be happening at all if Bowlsby had not forced the conference to focus and get serious about moving forward one way or another. Left to its own devices or guided by a weaker leader, the Big 12 likely would have dilly-dallied around for months, maybe even years, before reaching the point where it got serious about expansion.

WVU’s Lyons: Games won’t be moved during Coliseum renovations

“It’s my understanding it’s just a review,” Lyons said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean expansion is going to occur. It’s an exercise the presidents wanted to pursue. As athletic directors, we understand this is a board of directors decision. I’ve had conversations with President Gee. Obviously, he continues to have conversations with Commissioner [Bob] Bowlsby and other presidents.

Local Expansion Candidate Writers
Oh boy :sweat:

UH to make formal presentation to Big 12

When the video conferences - reportedly to each be a couple hours - will be held is not known. The ESPN.com report said it’s “becoming less and less likely” that the Big 12 will expand by four teams and the likely scenarios are to remain at 10 or add two schools.

The Big 12 could make a decision by mid September or early October, the Dallas Morning News reported.

When it comes to intangibles, trips to Cincinnati can offer Big 12 athletes and fans a unique culinary and cultural experience. Treats include our chili, Graeter’s, top-notch parks, a world-class zoo, unique arts venues and thriving neighborhoods with historic homes and breathtaking views.

Big 12 watch: 17 schools have contacted Big 12, but expansion to 14 'less likely’

He writes, “It’s fascinating that odds have surfaced because, from all indications, even Big 12 insiders are unsure how to handicap this race. At this point, there is no clear indication that any school is receiving enough support from league administrators to earn the eight ‘yes’ votes needed from the 10 existing members to join the Big 12.”

On The Fly: More Rumblings About Big 12 Expansion

A decision is expected by the end of the summer, with the October Big 12 board of directors meeting considered the deadline.

Calhoun Says UConn Deserves Big 12 Membership

“I just think our fans, in a positive way, have been spoiled,” Calhoun said. “One night it was Notre Dame, one night St. John’s, then you’re at Syracuse, 25,000-30,000 people. It’s still wonderful and we’re still UConn — I’m very proud of that. But our fans, they would love to see every single night, could be Texas, could be Kansas, could be Oklahoma, kind of fun stuff.”

Haslam steps in to help U of M step up

Gov. Bill Haslam said Friday he contacted Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and several university presidents in the Power 5 league to speak on behalf of the University of Memphis and its campaign to become an expansion member.

UCF reportedly among expansion candidates doing Big 12 video interviews

UCF President John Hitt told the Orlando Sentinel in July, “We ought to be considered very seriously. There ought to be a home for us in the Big 12. Whether there will be or not, we’ll see. But we’re going to do everything we can to be sure people make whatever decision they make based on good information.”

Report: Big 12 to hold video conference with USF, others

USF officials have remained silent in their pursuit of Big 12 membership, refusing to comment publicly on their mostly-covert strategy.

Report: Tulane among 17 expansion candidates for Big 12

Of the full members of the American Athletic Conference, only Tulsa is not on that list.

Temple eager to make Big 12 pitch

A Temple source confirmed that the Owls do expect to go through the process, but that they have not yet been contacted about a date when it will occur.

18 schools vying for Big 12 admission; likely add only two teams

One more team was just added to this gaggle with Air Force. Also, it should be noted that Air Force turned down an offer to join the Big 12 back in 2011.

Boise State among schools to make pitch to Big 12; read the documents

Among the interesting tidbits in the brochure is a design to expand Albertsons Stadium to a 48,000-seat capacity. That would put it slightly above the current smallest Big 12 stadium, at TCU. In 2010, Boise State offered a similar expansion design, but that was before the Bleymaier Football Complex was approved. Those projections had a 53,000-seat capacity stadium, but has since been reconfigured. There are no current plans to expand the stadium, simply a design, but certainly an approval to move into the Big 12 would change that.

Report: UNM one of 18 (updated)

“What I can confirm is that we’ve expressed our interest in the opportunity to join the Big 12 and are waiting to see what the next step may be,” Krebs said. “There has been no additional contact (with the Big 12 since last week).

Northern Illinois one of seventeen schools to be interviewed by Big 12 for expansion

Regardless, just the fact that NIU is being included in the discussion shows that the Huskies are on the radar as an athletic program and could stand to get more attention, especially as conferences start to realign after the Big 12’s meeting in October.

UNLV contacts Big 12, wants to be considered for expansion

Kunzer-Murphy wouldn’t confirm or deny if UNLV will be able to make a video presentation. But, according to the Dallas Morning News, sources indicated the Big 12 thinks that if a school has expressed interest, it should have a chance to state its case.

Pac-12 Expansion?

Mailbag: More pressure on USC or UCLA? Expansion talk?

DomGuff from The Dirty T writes: With all this Big 12 expansion talk and some dude talking about Oklahoma joining the SEC. Is it time to think reignite the Pac-16 hopes again?

Ted Miller: No.

The issue with potential Pac-12 expansion is a simple one and it is not dependent on what the Big 12 decides to do: Will expansion mean more revenue for the existing Pac-12 members?

The only program that would represent an emphatic “yes!” to that question is Texas, perhaps with a side of Oklahoma.

In fact, you could make an argument that Texas and Oklahoma, if they really evaluated the long-term picture, might be best served not in an expanded Big 12 but as members of the Pac-12.

As it is, my general feeling is the Pac-12 is going to stand pat, though obviously if it sees a way to make more money, it’s going to remain nimble enough to make a move.

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McMurphy on the radio in OKC talking about big 12 Expansion:

Not much new info; McMurphy predicts Houston and Cincinnati to the Big 12.


And we still have 2 more months to endure all this …

At least we will know what 2 month old rechewed stadium seat gum wads taste like …


I am happy that it appears UH will be in the Big 12. Finally in a P5 conference, but an it is a complete circus over there.

The conference is just a bunch of publicity whores! They will probably end all this by not expanding at all!

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Yep! They really don’t want Houston on a competitive sense. UH recruiting would go off the roof and more money towards UH athletics.

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