Expansion Link Dump - October 3rd

Only 2 links today:

  • USF (like UH) will survive if expansion doesn’t happen.
  • Utah residents and BYU fans don’t want the school to give in to a request to change the Honor Code

End of Big 12 buzz not end of world for Bulls

“Everybody talks about the money and…how that’s gonna affect us,” AAC commissioner Mike Aresco told the Tampa Bay Times recently. "But you know, we’ve done all this with less money than the other guys right now. And yes, we need more (money) and we’re trying to get more.

“But Houston’s done every bit of this in our league. USF is building up their strength in our league.”

BYU athletics: Majority of Utahns say BYU shouldn’t adjust Honor Code for Big 12 admittance

A large majority of Utahns, and an overwhelming majority of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe Brigham Young University should not adjust its Honor Code so it can be invited to join the Big 12 Conference — a resistance that could keep one of the West’s foremost athletic and academic institutions in a league of its own, expansion observers say.

A mid-September Dan Jones & Associates statewide survey, commissioned by The Salt Lake Tribune and the Hinckley Institute of Politics, also showed that a majority of Utahns believe if the Cougars do not gain admittance into a Power 5 conference, they should remain a college football independent and keep most of their other sports in the West Coast Conference.

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Calm before the storm?

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I would suspect so. I still think TV runs this game and both us and UC are added.

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This article is “out there” to say the least, but it was a fun “what if” read. It has UH in the SEC West. No objection here!

Now, this bucks the conference’s “gentleman’s agreement” of not expanding within its own borders, and they’ve already added the state of Texas via the Aggies. But isn’t Texas big enough for two schools? And besides, we’re going to have Houston and A&M play every year. On Thanksgiving weekend. We’re drinking your milkshake, Texas. We’re drinking it up.

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That is an interesting thought.

If another conference wanted to deliver a coup de grace to the Big 12, what better way than adding Houston?

Since the B12 is so dependent on Texas (the state) someone like the Pac or the ACC could come in with the SEC and finish it off in a few years and pick up the pieces it wants.

I like it!

Is(are) the small12 meeting(s) coming already? This is complete non sense and typical to the small12. We keep writing about it but just imagine if they really do not expand?

Some Montemayor tweets from yesterday:

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