Expansion link Dump - October 8th

Few articles; nothing really earth-shattering:

“I don’t understand why the Big 12 feels this need to expand, nor do I understand why they think they have to have a championship game,” Davis said. "I don’t mind if they do, but they’re going to create a potential road block for their own conference by having a championship game some years.

Iowa State President Steven Leath says he feels Big 12 expansion "less likely"

“There’s obviously some very different opinions among different schools,” Leath said. “I think when we get into a room [later in October] and talk about it, we’ll figure it out. To answer your question, I think the chances we expand are a little smaller than it was before.”

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The Scared-10 are at it again. What a bunch of losers.

Davis is free to have his opinion but is it a coincidence that he is a main personality at ESPN? I don’t like it.

Amazing that ISU president would make that statement when both OU and UT have indicated that imploding the Big12 if no expansion is practically a gimme and the lil 8 would be up the creek without ah paddle …

Even the looney bins Monty and Flugyville would be enough to scare anyone …

The UT prez will probably no doubt remind everyone that unless his choice of expansion and his candidates are chosen then the likelihood of the Big12 staying intact will be slim to none … next week …

The horns want power but they also want stability and I wouldn’t put it past the 40 acres if they haven’t already made plans just in case the lil 8 do not heed the warnings that have been issued from several website looney bins and Boren to boot.

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I agree. How can the president of a university be such a short sighted thinker ? When their conference tv contract ends in 8 years and UT and OU leave, ISU adds no value to any other conference for inclusion.

I think he’s scared to death, but there’s not much he can do. Too much upheaval in that conference right now which makes it hard to gain a consensus - 2 interim presidents, 1 outgoing, and 1 brand new to go along with the 2 elephants in the room. Plus, these guys/gals are more politicians that are trying to align themselves beyond their current job rather than just focusing on the here and now. In 2025, almost nobody that votes next week will probably be in their current job.

That’s why a good commissioner would take charge and point the presidents in the right direction. Too bad the Big 12 doesn’t have one of those.

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It just makes too much sense for the Big 12 to add 2 teams. If UH/Cincy are added it would be for 2018 most likely and neither team would get a full share or payouts for 4 or 5 years which is basically how much longer the conference will last. If the current contract guarantees an increase for two teams, then add them and pocket some money. UT/OU should see that and know UH would make the conference stronger. The others should see it as more money and a chance to look less like leftovers in 2025 when the OU and UT leave. The likes of Iowa St, Kansas St, WVU, Baylor, TCU should realize that in 10 years they may need UH to be a powerhouse in their conference to stay at the big boy table.

Interesting article I missed before that is relevant

" In fact, if it resulted in a rights extension, one Big 12 official suggested that the league would be perfectly fine with giving Texas the authority to pick one expansion school, and Oklahoma, the other."

Screw the Big 12, we don’t need them. 1-0.

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