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Did Houston hurt itself by dominating OU or will the Big 12 be forced to take them? Also, T. Boone favors UH and…SMU :disappointed_relieved: And Memphis fans can’t understand why they didn’t even make the final cut.

Cougars’ Tom Herman to get $5M if school joins Power 5 conference
Heather Dinch

“We want him to be our coach for the very long term,” Yurachek said. “It was a special memo between Coach Herman and myself. It’s not officially in his contract, but I’d be glad to share it with you. It is legally binding. It’s a memo from myself to coach Herman. The university will honor that. It’s got my signature and his signature as employees of the University of Houston.”

Why Houston’s win over Oklahoma could hurt its Big 12 bid
The Cougars might be too good for their own good.

Houston should be a shoo-in — it’d help keep the flag planted against an infringing SEC sentiment in the Houston market, it’d bring arguably the best-run Group of Five athletic department into the fold and it’d add a legitimate playoff contender to the mix.

But when there’s money, there’s pettiness, and while Houston should ultimately get in, Saturday’s win might just make it harder for the Cougars to join the Big 12.

Coogfans Thread: Why Houston's win over Oklahoma could hurt its Big 12 bid

Big 12 commissioner keeping quiet on expansion

Bowlsby and American Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco attended a dinner held by game organizers on Friday night. Aresco and Bowlsby said they did not discuss expansion at the dinner.

“Prior to that he did say he would try to give me a heads up on timetable and how many teams they might be ultimately looking at,” Aresco said.

Aresco said he has heard from some members of his conference that are involved in the process, but that he has promised those schools confidentiality.

Houston just beat the Big 12 favorite. Add UH to the conference, or look like cowards.
Jason Kirk

3. When you hear Big 12 coaches saying they don’t want to add Houston, that strikes the ear a certain way, doesn’t it? Even if they’re making a fair case, it calls to mind a claim made by a UH megabooster to CBS Sports: “That’s kind of disappointing that Texas with their big budget fears the University of Houston. For other schools in the Big 12 to keep them out because they’re scared of them, men need to be men.”

Coogfans Thread: Why Houston's win over Oklahoma could hurt its Big 12 bid

Is Houston too good for its own good?

But the coach might have cost himself millions, or at least delayed the payment.

Bill Haisten: T. Boone Pickens’ picks for Big 12 expansion – Houston and SMU

“If I had my choices, the two I would prefer would be Houston and SMU,” Pickens said. “I’d rather take a Texas team over BYU and Cincinnati. I’m an Oklahoma guy living in Texas. You know that. But I’ve lived in Texas longer than I have in Oklahoma. I do live in Dallas, and I have a granddaughter on the equestrian team at SMU. My daughter graduated from SMU

Mitt Romney backs BYU to Big 12; some think Houston gets in with OU win http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/for-petes-sake/article99849472.html#storylink=cpy

Basically posting a bunch of tweets supporting UH to the Big 12

Hunter Yurachek: Houston ‘well-positioned’ for Big 12

Asked whether UH fits the criteria the Big 12 is looking for, Yurachek added: “I think you see coaches in the Big 12 are talking they don’t want anything to do with the University of Houston. To me that checks that box of someone being competitive.”

Some Tiger fans in blue mood over Big 12 snub

“I thought we were one of the front-runners,” Clark said. “Why would we be relegated to No. 13 (or worse)? My conspiracy theory is we stole Tubby Smith from Texas Tech and they blocked us.”

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This is a biased opinion. Sure, 12 can happen if UT gives in to what others want.

12 can also happen if the others give in to what UT wants.

14 makes everybody happy.

Making Houston sound polarizing is utter garbage. Someone’s agenda.

The impasse just won’t go away …

The dilemma for the horns is that they will not support 12 if UH is out and they torpedo expansion.

Going to 14 will require extending the GORs … so I suspect

THE REAL NEGOTIATIONS will FINALLY be just how long they will be extended into the future.

The two Kansas/Iowa St factions no doubt are the road blocks … its not that UH is polarizing … its just that these three are fearful that they will remain at the bottom of the totem pole … ad infinitum … if another power school from Texas is added.

Does Kansas think their basketball profile will be improved by playing UConn and Cincy twice a year? Obviously, and it’s because of the improved competition, even though those two are in much better basketball recruiting areas.

Maybe Kansas needs to sack up and take care of their own stupid football team rather than worrying about what we might do.

Not the TV broadcasters. They don’t want to pony up an extra $80 million per year. Don’t dismiss the incentives of the people holding the checkbook.

No doubt that is the holdup. If you could review my posts over the last two years, my stance has been that the people paying the bills will have say.

Meant all schools happy.

Fantastic research P10. Those OK tv numbers are the margins advertisers need to see. ESPN , Fox have seen those numbers . Whether it’s the PAC12 or ESPN , you just don’t pass on those numbers…

Just what the heck does BTM mean? There are tons of meanings on line; what applies here? I wish people would use real words.

BTM = Big Ten Man

Prolific Twitter maven Greg Flugaur claims his information comes through BTM. Whether BTM actually exists or is a figment of Flugaur’s imagination is up for debate. Flugaur says that BTM is getting his information through a contact at Oklahoma University. Even if Flugaur is forthright with his descriptions, he’s passing along third-hand information at best.

Approach Flugaur and his BTM information with a grain of salt.

Greg Flugaur and BTM


Flugaur seems to always have a timely update right after some kind of significant news is dropped. In the past, he would only send out updates once a month (or every other month); now it’s about 2-3 times a week.

The accuracy of what he is “reporting” is also becoming more and more questionable. When the news dropped in regards to the first cut, he was missing quite a few schools and specifically mentioned that CSU was out when they were not as well as other minor details.

I include him because he’s one of the main guys putting stuff out there and he entertains me. I doubt he’s 100% right though.

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In an era where football drives the bus, Kansas and its allies want to make basket ball the main issue.
If they manage to block expansion it will be poetic justice when UT and OU depart and they are abandoned.

I agree PRay, I’ve picked on that pattern with Flug as well, he never retracted his tweet about CSU either. Either way, he’s still the only one holding on to the idea of four schools, I guess we’ll see if that’s even a possibility as the process moves along.

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