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David Boren makes statements and the articles come fast and hard. Otherwise, SBNation breaks down Houston’s impact on recruiting if added to the Big 12. Sherrington up in Dallas basically says that the Big 12 should get it over with, add UH and Cincy, and start making plans for '24-'25. The KSU paper opines that the SGA’s protesting adding BYU are doing more harm than good. USF had Lee Roy Selmon Jr. help them during their presentation. Cincy Enquirer noticed Tubs statement in regards to the UH-Cincy game and delved in deeper.

David Boren’s World

Big 12 expansion ‘not a sure thing,’ OU president David Boren says
Jake Trotter

“I would just caution you and say, I would not take expansion as a given,” Boren said after the university regents meeting on Oklahoma’s campus in Tulsa. “I’m not saying there won’t be expansion. But I’m not saying it can be automatically assumed that there will be expansion.”

Big 12 expansion: David Boren says Big 12 expansion is not a given

“I’m also listening to our fans, not just our coaches and AD and other people,” Boren said. “I’m listening to our fans. How do they feel about it? Are they excited about the expansion pool? Do they feel these are people that will make them even more want to come to the games or not? We want that. We want them to get off the couch and want to come and if we do have expansion, we want to do it in a way that makes them want to get off the couch and want to come to the game. That’s a pretty strong task.”

Reading between lines of OU president Boren’s comment that Big 12 expansion shouldn’t be 'assumed’
Chuck Carlton

By the time the Big 12 presidents meet Oct. 17, it’s possible the Big 12 could be out of the playoff hunt – or looking at a two-loss champion along with a few other power conferences.

Adding two schools that might help the Big 12’s profile in football - and other things - may not look like such a bad idea by then. Even Boren, in speaking with reporters, acknowledged the criteria.

Oklahoma football: President Boren says Big 12 expansion 'not a given’

Reaction from fans and media members poured in after Boren declared Big 12 expansion wasn’t a certainty.

Article has a number of tweets from national writers after Boren made his comments

The Rest

The recruiting case for adding Houston to the Big 12
Bud Elliott

Adding Houston wouldn’t fix that, but if it makes the league more talented overall and dilutes the talent on the teams most likely to give Texas or Oklahoma a Playoff-disqualifying loss, it’s a good move from a big-picture recruiting perspective.

Why Big 12 will add these two schools, but conference won’t last for the long term

But if you’re only talking about the next seven or eight years, and you want your money now, you go for the easy fix. The money’s the same. Houston and Cincinnati would settle for far less than the $20 million annual share the other Big 12 members receive, at least initially. The other members then get to split what ESPN reluctantly must dole out in its pro rata arrangement.

OPINION: Big 12 SGA statements against BYU more harmful than helpful

Schools like K-State and Iowa State, and for the fun of including them, the University of Kansas, were nearly left homeless the last time the Big 12 almost collapsed, leaving us begging for admission into financially insignificant conferences like that which TCU eventually left to join the Big 12.
The problem with statements like those made about BYU by Iowa State’s SGA or that K-State’s SGA makes now is that they might be part of the reason we could be in the same boat as we were in 2010 if the conference ever does get close to failing again.

Lee Roy Selmon Jr. part of USF’s Big 12 presentation

Former USF DL Lee Roy Selmon Jr., whose father helped launch the Bulls football program and guide it into Division I, was a significant part of the school’s formal presentation to Big 12 officials in Dallas on Friday.

Doc: Who else heard what Tuberville said?

A UC insider told me he believed an announcement could come as early as Oct. 1. No one seems to know what the 12 will do. I mean, they’re asking me what I think. I’m as connected to this issue as a dean at Harvard Law School. The insider put it at 50-50 the Big 12 will expand at all.

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