Expansion Link Dump - September 17th

  • Pete Thamel gives his latest take on the Expansion process
  • SBNation opines that Houston may have hurt themselves again Thursday night as the B12 continues to change the location of the goal line
  • St Lake Tribune despairs over Thamel’s article concerning BYU
  • KU writer writes about the waiting game
  • USF writer despairs over Boren’s comments
  • USA Today Football Four Podcast with George Schroeder and Dan Wolken talk about expansion - mostly about how they don’t believe there will be expansion

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All off those moves wouldn’t be made for years. As for the immediate future, here are the three scenarios most likely to play out for the Big 12.

The Big 12 adds Cincinnati and Houston: 60%

The Houston Cougars’ massive potential might be their toughest Big 12 roadblock
Cincinnati and Houston have both presented their expansion pitches to the Big 12, per SB Nation sources. Thursday night, UH added another emphatic slide.

It’s best to look at the non-Texas lower tier of the Big 12 as to why the Cougars might not be so popular. These are the schools with the least to offer in population and TV markets, and the most to lose if another Power 5 program emerges in Texas. It’s in that bloc’s interest to avoid Houston in favor of two (or four?) candidates from outside markets, like Cincinnati, BYU, or one of the directional Floridas.

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BYU athletics: BYU’s candidacy for Big 12 is “crumbling,” SI report says

The Big 12 “would have preferred BYU, but can’t take another spate of bad publicity,” Thamel concludes, also referring to BYU’s longstanding policy against scheduling games on Sunday.

Coogfans Thread: Big12-wise its looking grimmer and grimmer for the cougars

Waiting game roars on in Big 12 expansion saga

The funny part about that statement is this: The fans, coaches and even ADs have next to no say in all of this. Heck, even Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is having a difficult time in this mess and he’s the one who was hired to lead it. Instead of being an open process which equally values the input of those who run the schools and those who know the most about college athletics, the current expansion talk is being driven and decided in the offices of Big 12 presidents and chancellors, good news for some schools and awful news for others.

Is USF’s foot stuck in the Big 12 expansion door David Boren shut this week?

Right now, I’d say there’s an 85 percent chance of no Big 12 expansion and a 10 percent chance at expanding by two teams. Oh, and 5 percent chance of the Big 12 asks the AAC, 'You guys want Baylor?"

Expansion talk starts around 11:00

Twitter Musings

My trusty ole blind truffle hunting 3 legged sow can easily see the exact ending to this …

As The Stomach Turns episode called … 14 months of Big12 expansion … or … how I wasted over a year of my life believing the best for my alma mater.

Those that left got out in time leaving the most dysfunction group of back biting could never agree on anything to save their own hinies … making the Hamas and Israelis look like bosom buds.

No expansion and it will be how exactly the sinking of the Big12 will come about … how quickly and who will go where.

And was that Bowlsby in trench coat incognito in dark sun glasses at the Texas Unemployment office signing up for future unemployment checks??!!

Still a lot of horse trading and politicking to be done.

I still think it happens or ends with the announcement there will be no B12 next year.

Texas gets what it wants or OSU, Baylor, TCU, K State, Iowa St, W Va all have to find lifeboats, and good luck.

There are some lifeboats on sale in the Kemah boat shops …

They are probably going for a song now but after the no expansion announcement they will be hotter than the Tickle Me Elmo dolls from many Christmas’s back.

For those land based sand crabs schools the closest they have seen a boat … dingy or life was probably watching that Gregory Peck Moby Dick movie.


The Little 12 dissolves, uta and OU go separate ways, with uta still burdened with that LHN?

Yes, please; and then OU becomes available to join UH in the SEC!

What’s not to like?

Well Pat, OU has that OSU boat anchor holding them back.

Yeah. There aren’t any laws or statutes I’m aware of that makes it so, but you can bet the Ok legislature and Gov will have some say.

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