Expansion Voting Format?

I have no idea what the voting format will be. Hypothetically and presuming it will be a 4 member expansion, guessing each member gets 4 votes and then haggle until 4 candidates secure 8 votes? Thought it might be fun to see who might vote for who. Here’s my swag…

AND I gather this came to you after some thoughtful analysis and calculations

AND a night of consuming …


I think it works like this… https://youtu.be/FMENQeCbxfI

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And just curious - are you currently at USF or have you previously attended school at USF?


Uhhh … my destroyer past Tampa once chasing the Ruskies in the Gulf back in '70 … THAT is about the closest I have come to visiting USF.

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Ha! No just bored and sitting around and my patootie!! :smiley:

I just don’t see Memphis or Uconn getting in so put the X’s on USF…

There are 10 teams and any new comer needs 8 votes. 4 teams in texas may vote UH due to political pressure, but where do the other 4 come from? No political pressure on the 6 teams outside of Texas. If they dislike ut, then why not vote against them.

Because the Texas teams can block ANYONE from getting in. So you back their candidate to get the ones you want in.

YES! that is how it works…There is going to be give and take, but when smoke clears, we are going to get votes we need…we MAY already have them.The Oklahoma schools seem certain to vote Houston as well…that leaves only 2 votes needed from other 4…Those 4 have more reasons to vote FOR us than against us…

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