Truthfully, it is the coaches that is the problem. Until UH coaches coach their teams to regularly beat all teams instead of looking elsewhere…

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You guys are delusional. There is no coach in recent college FB history that could take a non P5 program and beat everyone they play on a consistent basis year after year. That is because if any coach at a non P5 program could go undefeated for 2+ years in a row, then that non P5 program wouldn’t be able to match the salary offers the coach would get from P5 programs.

The $$$ difference between P5 programs and non P5 programs is enormous. Thankfully, Tilman Fertitta is helping UH to close the $$$ gap for a few years but if the other UH alumni and friends don’t increase their show of support as well … then we deserve what we get. It is a “diffusion of responsibility” when UH alumni & fans blame the UH coaches or the name of our opponents for our lack of fan support.


How do you know what others have to give???! If everyone on this board was millionaires, yes, we would have everything and coaches wouldn’t leave. But in this practical world for Coogfans, we probably just don’t have the funding to give guys money like Tillman can. Some schools in this state have an unfair advantage and unfortunately, it won’t be ending no time soon.

I think it’s a combination of a ton of things that affect our upward mobility. It’s easy to try to narrow it down to one main cause but if one isn’t working, then the wheels just fall off the entire program.

Fans have to show up.

Coaches have to stay.

Coaches have to win.

They’re all equally important, and after this year, hopefully we can get back to where we want to be. The main question I have and what I’ve been having for some time now, is how do we increase our number of die-hards?


I hear this sentiment a lot. Our conference foes don’t get us excited. But are our conferences foes excited about playing us?


Sure are.


UH always get everyone’s best game. UH is always respected around the league.


I don’t understand why a Coog fan or alumnus wouldn’t get excited about playing anyone in our conference. Have not the games been entertaining? Have not they been exciting and very often suspenseful?

If one has to win to enjoy a game, that tells me its only about winning and not loving football. Sure, I want to win at everything we do in every sport; but reason and history tells me that will never be the case. But losing doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the contest. You have to have some valleys to appreciate the mountain tops. I can enjoy a game and be disappointed about losing at the same time.

I can’t even tell you about all the excitement I enjoyed at the games last year. How exciting was the Navy game! We put up 41 points and had a lot of great plays. So we lost because our D was decimated by injury, big deal. I had a good time at the game anyway.

But for those who need a win to enjoy a game, you will enjoy a lot of games this fall.


I think we (programs) just need to win. In most of the realignment lotteries that is a big factor. It’s not so much one or two metrics. More an issue of national brand.

Rutgers and Maryland would be an exception but Maryland brought the b-ball program. Colorado was a head scratcher but they had a great academic reputation as a state school. Something the PAC values.

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I don’t see UH moving to an existing P5. The Coogs and Coog Nation need to focus on winning the American, it’s the best G5 conference, has solid exposure on TV and a path to a NY6 bowl.

It’s possible UH ends up in a blown up P5, like a Big XII without UT, OU and KU, but I just can’t see an existing P5 conference set up that needs UH or Houston. No worries.

The larger Houston becomes, the more diverse it becomes. The more diverse the city becomes, the more transplants move there. Transplants typically have other college allegiances, if any at all, or only care about pro sports because large metro areas unite over their pro teams.


Colorado “had a great academic reputation”? Huh? Colorado had a great reputation as a party school. And that was even before marijuana was legalized in Colorado. - Academics? Naw. - Denver TV market? Yes.

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I believe history will repeat itself. We will be back with the big boys…it will happen. I just hope it happens in our lifetime.


We used to be almost everyone’s homecoming game. That was the opposite of respect. Are we still homecoming for some teams?

I came in during the Kolb years. We won a title in 2006 and were in the title game several times with Keenum and Ward, etc. UH has always had good football during the time that I have been a UH fan. We had a good rivalry with Tulsa who always competed with us in the west for the title game in CUSA. They would actually wear shirts in the off-season that said “Beat Houston” and now we have a back and forth with Memphis. A couple of years ago a Memphis player (from Houston) said he always looked forward to playing Houston and beating them, even using the phrase” I hate them”. If you follow along on the AAC boards, you’ll see that UH has respect in all sports in the AAC. And when we actually fill our stadium, it has been called the loudest 40,000 seat stadium that PJ Walker ( Roughnecks QB who played there in the 2015 AAC title game) has ever heard. When the conference asked players around the league which was the most intimidating to play at, a player from Temple said Houston. (Obviously this is when we fill it)

I assume we were homecoming games at times when we were in the swc, although from what I read from older Coogs on here, we held our own in that conference.


We sure did hold our own!

Won SWC in football 3 of first 4 years IIRC

Wilson Whitley was on SWC 70s All-Decade team and only played one year in the conference!

I went to the TTech game, above, and the 30-0 beat-down of UT in Austin on Dad’s Day two weeks before. Good times


The last years of our membership in the SWC we stunk it up Did we end up with a winning percentage in the conference?

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Quick numbers (my math might need to be double checked)
20 years SWC
9 seasons with 4 or less wins
9 seasons with 7 or more wins

The last 5 years each had 4 or less wins, hence one factor in not being in the Big 12 (lots of others also).

I agree with everything you said but I think the ACC or even the SEC would be an even better conference for us! We would have more of a national following and exposure being a part of the ACC and SEC.

I got the same…115-108-4

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Both TV market and academics. UC Boulder is an AAU school.