Explain the pre game pushing?

Saw replay of antics when the COOGS were going to warmups. What was that about?

Memphis was lined up for the anthem early and didnt like it when some of the coogs went through the line rather than around it

Trying to get the mosh pit going. Standard punk show behavior.

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Glad our guys didn’t push back

Memphis purposefully set up a blockade making it difficult to get to our side. A handful of our players stepped through the line and their players went after our two players who wouldn’t be playing.

Memphis “culture” clearly rearing its head

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I’m not going to lie… I loved it. It probably gave us an extra fuel to the fire. If I was on the team I would go straight through. I glad some of our guys did.

Also, remember KD’s comments. Hang them up. We’re coming for them on Sunday (that is if they can even make it past Tulane :anguished:) and this time we won’t play like poo in the second half. Break Memphis one last time before we leave them to fight for an auto-bid in C-USA

Memphis was just playing red rover.

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Just look at what memphis is losing after this season. It’s just about everyone.

On the other hand, if Tulane can keep players from exiting, they currently have NO seniors.


It’s all about them being A holes