Extension for Applewhite?

We really have 2 choices. Fire Applewhite or give him an extension. Can’t recruit good coordinators with a lame duck coach. The correct answer is simple. Unfortunate to be in this situation but here we are.

Well. That makes it simple. Fire him.


No reason to extend his contract after there were no positives from yesterday’s game. Punting to the other team when you’re on their 30?? Clearly he has given up on this team and the players have given up on him.


Extension are u people out of ur minds, fire him! No fire in the belly, no enthusiasm


Extend his contract? He won’t last the week.

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Not promoting an extension just saying we have to do one or the other.

Well, Levine got an extension without having the team playing for the West crown in the final week of the regular season so crazier things have been done.

But…not no…hayl to the no on that idea. He has had two DCs and three OCs going into his third season and only one of those was a voluntary departure to a P5 due to success

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And I am not anti Major but I am anti 56 point losses

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I wonder how people can tell what fire is in other peoples belly by their demeanor. Some people remain calm under pressure, some people go bonkers. Some people confuse panic with fire. There are some people that are as competitive as anyone on earth, but to look at them in a tense situation, you could never tell. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves and their emotions can lead to dismay by the team when things are going badly.

On the sidelines during games, CBY looked as calm and detached as could be, but that guy had as competitive a heart as any in the game.


Punting on 30 yard line down a mile, tells me no fire, no gumption no will to win, his teams are emotionless just like him

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It’s a good opportunity for a certain kind of coach. Basically, there is a non-trivial chance that Major is fired during the season and they will get to be an interim coach. If you’re someone who is unlikely to get another chance at head coaching otherwise, it might be something to consider. It’s how Doug Martin became a head coach again. And even if we don’t hire them, they have something on their resume other than the last thing that got them fired.

Think like a Mark Mangino, Michael Haywood, Brady Hoke, or Steve Sarkisian type. (Though Sarkisian will probably get another shot.) Everett Withers still seems available.

We could become an Island of Misfit Former Head Coaches.

So standing pat is an option!

An issue the other way around is that UH isn’t a really attractive job right this minute. Next year is going to be tough. Compare that to a year from now, after a mediocre season and you can jump in and be a hero. If I’m Blake Anderson (for instance), I probably stay in Jonesboro this year… And if you want better than Anderson, that becomes especially true. The list of coaches interested becomes longer.

I don’t recall anything calm about Yeoman on the sidelines. I asked David Martel one time if Yeoman ever lost it. He laughed and said, “Is he ever sane?”

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Extend his contract with what money? It won’t be from stadium revenue…