Facilities update: 08/03/22 - $2 million lead gift to renovate second floor of basketball facility




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If you are not moving forward, the competition can catch up.


That’s a hell of a recruiting tool… We have the same facilities as “insert nba team here”.


Basketball is infrastructure.


Strike while the iron is hot.



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My guess is it isn’t something they are planning right this instance but just to stay updated as the seasons go on. Same kind of thing with what they have been doing at Minute Maid Park over the years. I think this kind of thing is pretty common with programs around the country, actually.

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Ahh I remember someone saying on here before March Madness that Sampson wants some upgrades particularly to the GVL-BDF. Wonder if anyone knows what those are. I did a quick youtube search on other’s schools’ training center and whew boy… we still gotta ways to catch up a bit.

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I did the same thing. Colleges have better facilities than most NBA franchises. I really think they’d have a better shot of just googling this than going there. The most recent NBA arena is the chase one for golden state and it’s not that modern it’s just luxurious. I would go as far as to say ours are better and unique because we have TVs end to end.

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Phoenix suns just opened a new training facility that is pretty nice

I think our top line for football is a lower top 25 annually and occasionally a top 10 year.

But basketball I don’t see why we can’t be one of the titans like Duke, Kentucky or Kansas.

If we are going to spend the money why not on basketball. The publicity from the Final Four run(s) will more than pay for it.


Coach brought the topic of facilities up a few weeks back. He said if you don’t stay current, you will have out of date facilities in 5-10 years. This is for the players and helps him with recruiting. This is where Tilman being with the Rockets helps because he has the same issue at the NBA level with staying current.

NBA facilities? lol. Those guys are professionals that workout on their own. They aint playing xbox with their teammates in the locker room after practice or eating at the players only salad bar in the athletic facility.

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Plus, every Final Four we make adds to our already impressive resume. Now let’s add Championships!

We aren’t staring new…we are adding to what could be a blue blood program in a decade, or two.


Yep! When you have a Final Four team and #3 in the country, I think you can have whatever you want.

Sampson: Boys, it’s time to go shopping.


Why stop at the NBA, go check out the Cowboys facility in Frisco.

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Yeah I was surprised he said that about colleges. I saw some pretty impressive stuff that other top tier programs have. I found this channel that does a lot of facility tours of university and NBA program facilities in the “Royal Key” series. Some of the vids are a few years old but lots of bells and whistles to look at. I also hope Coach and the staff don’t limit themselves to just basketball. Lots of innovation out there in other sports/leagues as well.

Love the mindset by CKS. Keeping taking measurements and see where we are at and how we can get better. That is also the mindset of a coach that plans to be around for a while.

It is also ballsy. So many ADs have to cut and have been cutting around the country. Sure glad Covid won’t be impacting two football seasons and no more than 1 1/3 basketball seasons. College sports can’t afford the impact as a whole.