Facilities update: 08/03/22 - $2 million lead gift to renovate second floor of basketball facility

Man how far we’ve come


Wait y’all don’t miss the luxury suite boxes at Hoffheinz?


I hated that bc then you couldn’t walk around the concourse and watch the game.


:rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: Yeah, like a toothache.


For those in the know or have an educated guess…

would you care to explain what the TC is missing and requires updating?

I think its more the GVL that needs some updating.

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Well I think that is what Sampson is getting ready to do on his facilities tour.

Sampson: I want that, that, oh yeah that too.


Amazing to think we are talking about upgrading our fancy practice facility when not too long again our guys & ladies only had one dilapidated Hofheinz to share. I remember when our team would go to our rec center to host recruits during the Penders era.


This is like your wife saying she wants to renovate the bathroom and you having new wallpaper put in. :slight_smile:

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Heck RW I remember when Penders needed a new computer for recruiting and was told NO by the AD, so some of us chipped in to get a computer for the staff.


It has to do more about selling the program than cosmetic looking! When you bring in a possible recruit for a visit it sells the program on itself more than a sells pitch would. Smart thinking!

Now who doesn’t have humor?

I was probably too hard on Penders knowing some of the obstacles he had in those days.
Still remember doing fliers on campus and working all day as a volunteer for the athletics office. I had to to get copies from a few posters on this board because our AD didn’t want the expense.
Then of course having us fans, calling season ticket holders to renew because we were so short on staff. Well I guess all hasn’t been fixed yet. :joy:


While we ALL love Coach Sampson It is amazing what Penders did while here on the budget he had. He had three assistants an ops guy and started having Michael Young as a S&C guy. He had a shoestring budget and our facilities may have been the worst even in CUSA. Don’t even thing the showers worked with hot water in the locker room, if you could call it a locker room.

Contrast that to what Coach Sampson now has. Not just facilities but staff. Like I posted a couple of years ago when you look at the team picture I haven’t seen that many suits since I was in the Men’s Ware house.

2020-21 Men’s Basketball Roster - University of Houston Athletics (uhcougars.com)


Still to this day we have not had a coach better to just sit down with and talk sports. He actually enjoyed the coaches shows at Irmas and talking with the fans. In those days there were not many in attendance.


Sure hope they have to make the Final Four graphics smaller in the future to fit more in…

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Teleport stations


It could be training or rehab equipment. It could be the use of technology to track shooting analytics.


Is this a real thing or are you pulling our legs? With all the new gadgets kids have, I never know what things are or are called.

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