Fair analysis from an OU fan on Reddit...UH & BYU "top 2" choices

I predict the B1G and SEC will not fold in 9 to 10 years.

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So the contract they negotiated says that the Big 12 gets x amount for adding new members. Now, as things change that X amount appears to be hard for the media partners to part with. You know, its a contract, they can renegotiate or at least try but since they have a contract the league can add teams and the media partners have to pay up. That is just too bad. I hardly see it as a burning of the bridge, maybe they will negotiate a better contract in the future that allows for more flexibility. Besides, who knows whats in the future for the media and the leagues… it could have been that the contract was actually a bargain at this point for the media partners. You just never know.

Reddit CFB is a god awful board in general, especially for UH topics. Probably the biggest collection of anti-UH trolls outside of Raiderpower.

If UT and OU leave the P5 will become P4.

I really think it’s a 50/50 deal between UH and Cincy if it’s only two teams. Going with the national brand and the WVU travel partner isn’t a crazy scenario. The Chip Brown article should give everyone pause. UH is in a better position than anybody other than BYU and there’s only a hair’s worth of advantage if any to the Western Cougars. The travel partner thing will worry me until there is an announcement.

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