Fake injury in 4th quarter

Near the end of the game, there was an “injured” Navy player. He was running off the field and one of the coaches he was running towards was waving his arms and hands down. Then he falls down like he was injured. Anyone else see that?

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Yea, I saw that. There is supposed to be some new rule about that. I heard they will review tape and fine a team for faking an injury. Trying to find where I read that.


I saw the player go down, but not the coach’s signal. I was about to complain but was like Navy wouldn’t fake an injury. Guess I was wrong.

This has been pretty much a regular practice for years. It’s really bad at the high school level.

If it’s the play I’m thinking about the guy staggered into the referee and the ref blew his whistle as the guy was walking toward the sideline. After the whistle was blown he went to a knee. I think the guy needed a concussion check.


Yes - Navy player was trotting off the field fine and the coach waves him down. By the fourth quarter, it was obvious the Navy defense was completely gassed and we were able to pull away.

Conversely, towards the end of the first half, Dana went apeshit when a legitimately hurt UH player rolled up off the turf and trotted off the field, causing him to burn another timeout instead of an official calling the injury timeout.


Yeah, he was definitely faking to stop the clock…Navy must have added Todd Graham as an assistant…Faking injuries to stop the clock was a favorite trick of Graham’s when he was at Tulsa…

There were 2 injuries right in front of us.

The first was legit - kid hot his bell rung.

Second # 31 looked very shady. Even commented about it to my wife.


They had two fake injuries.

What gets me is how they allow the teams to use it as a free TO. They should not be allowed to go to the sidelines and converse with the staff or make any substitutions in the process.

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Agree and that player should not be allowed to play the rest of that series for his own “protection”.

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I remember that, but so did a lot of teams the Coogs played during the Keenum years.

I got it. He fell away from the play. Seen plenty of fake injuries over the years. But if he was faking, he was doing it way beyond the normal faking. I was going to watch him on the bench for awhile but the action distracted me from tracking him. He did act far more hurt than the average faker out there. So, unless I see more on video I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


We should have had 2 timeouts toward the end of the first half as we were driving down to score or at least get a field goal, instead we had zero TOs…and we all saw what happened with Tune trying to get out of bounds as the clock ran out.

We had a WR (#13) that got banged up a bit on the prior play, tried to stay on the field…but then decided he couldn’t and began to hobble of the field. This forced Dana to call a TO and he went ballistic. If he lays down…the refs can call an injury TO. Players are told just lay down and trainers will come to them. It’s situations like these that coaches drill into a player’s head.

I thought there was a 10 sec run off if the offense has an injury near the end of a half

its hard to unsee players faking injury’s when you catch on. almost a guarantee a defensive player or 2 will go down on a critical drive/game

Yeah, I was kinda annoyed hearing about it the first time. Even more so when I heard it’s an actual strategy.

A high school football player (from a local high school that won’t be named) once told me that coaches would tell their players to “just lay down” on the field if they start to feel winded or get too tired so that the refs can pause the game.

It can become so subjective. Is he really hurt? Or are they just buying time?