Fall Camp Practice Report 08.25.16


Fall Camp Practice Report 08.25.16


D’Eriq looking good. Honestly have no clue who will be the guy trotting out with the first team offense at the H receiver vs OU.

OU won’t know either :wink:

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The team looks very crisp in these videos. You can see the progression as camp has moved forward.

Duarte with the shout out to pray10 for the Periscope summaries.

Guess I should summarize this one then (although kfd91 did the last one so all credit to him as well):

  • Rocky theme song was playing
  • Had been at the Hilton in the morning for the donation press conference and the IPF
  • At practice to get Herman’s reaction to the Practice Facility news.
  • Does mention that he got a link from someone about us transcribing these so no shaving questions today
  • IPF will be in the RV lot and construction starts in December
  • No injury updates on the periscope, (I posted the twitter updates above that he made later)
  • Mac Long looks to be the starter at RG and Eloph is moving to C with the injuries there to Noble and Fontana
  • Denley at LG, Jones at LT, and Rodgers at RT
  • Yuracheck said IPF should be done in time for the 2017 season
  • Brass Bell for players that tap out (leave the program) - from the Navy Seals
  • No one has actually rung the bell
  • Renderings aren’t completed plan. Very likely will change prior to being finalized
  • Long day and Joseph looks tired; been chasing down all the news
  • Doesn’t know how the cheerleaders are doing
  • Not sure where the student section will be, but they will be closer to the court
  • Tillman said 60-90 days for timeline on Big 12 decision
  • Arena should look like Development Facility on the outside

Patrick I saw that JD gave you a shout out. Impressed with your reviewing skills. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:sweat: Oh man, the pressure…

Seriously though, love that this community is getting recognition and what everybody provides; well deserved.


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