Fan fest and Cage Rage Schedule


Oh wow! There is a lot more going on this year for this. They are giving away the washington state game tickets to students. That is a good move.

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This is awesome.

Glad to hear they decided to give away student tickets for the WSU game. We need as many students there as possible for s home field advantage


Wow, Lil Flip. That takes me back to high school. I didn’t know that he still made music.

Lol, same here.

Impressive. Love the aggressiveness to interact and involve.

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I’m from the Black Sabbath era. I didn’t know there was a Lil Flip making music!


This looks to be an amazing event increasing in popularity as each year passes, beginning with this one.

Hoping the new intro video that gets premiered is O Fortuna!!!

Chris Pezman and staff did a great job last year with Paul Wall and Lil’ Keke. Should be another great event.

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I remember the speech Pez gave last year
“When Arizona comes here in 2 weeks to get their a** kicked” He was spot on with that prediction.