Fastest CB in College Football | Isaiah Johnson Highlights

cb seems to be the big question mark on defense, and for good reason. but the bright spot is that the fastest player on our team is a CB
im not going to pretend he was shut down last season but if you account that he hadnt played DB in 3 years and never seen a down of db at the college level he actually played really well from that perspective

if he can make some leaps of improvement he could be special next year, and especially now that there shouldn’t be any rust …at 6’3 potentially 4.3 speed any remotely decent season and he will get drafted

note the tech player he catches at :19 second mark, runs a 4.3 and kingsbury said was one of the fastest players ever at texas tech

this is the last of the football highlights… :football::football: …corey davis on the basketball end likely getting one and note a fb player really wants me to make him one, i dont want to, lol, prob wont do it, but we’ll see

hope you guys enjoyed the series !


i think he has a chance to be real good, especially if we coach him up…

exactly you can’t teach his speed or length …if he can figure out the rest he could be special

Nice video. If Johnson had better hands he could have had 6 or 7 INTs last year. Here’s hoping for a great 2018 season for him.

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Should have been All-Conference last year, but you know…coaches…

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