Haha. This is pretty good. Miller was terrible yesterday. But this made me chuckle.

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How long you think I got until I’m banned

Hopefully you stick around.

Don’t see anything out of line here. Just good old fashioned trash talk after a win.

I especially like the “Nate Oaks Handshake” in your username.

Anybody who’s never tried Karbach Ranch Water with a lime you’re missing out

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Preciate ya man :handshake:

Now. Do me one favor. Keep winning games. Don’t want to see a collapse like I did last season.

Y’all have a hell of a team. Beat us on our home court. Basically without Miller. Wouldn’t mind meeting up again in March.

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We definitely want them to lose to Memphis though to potentially have another Q1 opportunity when Memphis comes here.

PBR all the way. My fault we lost yesterday. I drank Miller High Life at our tailgate.

Good point. Thanks, TJ!

They’re close enough to T30 where they could theoretically lose to Bama and still end up in Q1 home range

Congratulations , yall have a good team.

6 pack of Final4, but y’all have probably never tasted that before


like it !

but if you go beer, only way imo is weihenstephaner original premium, brewed since 1040 ad from the weihenstephaner monestary, perfect for nearly 1000 years imo

Guadalupe Brewing Company
Lone Pint Brewery
Spindletap Brewery
Parish Brewing Co.
Real Ale Brewing Co.

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I was originally a Schlitz beer guy, but also liked Miller High Life. When Stroh’s bought Schlitz, they ruined it and I just drank Miller and Miller Lite. But now I only drink Miller Lite because I like it best and I’ve tried pretty much all of the major brands out there.

I don’t know what kind of draft beer they had at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, but it was pretty dang good and git better with each mug. Wasn’t that good to me the next day though.

Miller High Life - the champagne of bottled beers!

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