Favorite Plays of the Game

What were your favorite plays last night?
For me it was:

  1. Hypolite blowing up that option toss in the first qtr.
  2. The long pass Tune completed as he got drilled.
  3. Any number of great runs by our backs.

Marcus Jones long td catch and punt return TD
The run defense in the second half
The 3rd down catches by multiple players in the scoring drives in the second half.


I will add if was a combination of players realizing what was at stake and responded to their obligations. The way our OL blocked in the second half was tremendous, Our defense kept us afloat. There are a lot of positives to take away as a team. Clayton second half IMO showed every Coog fan what his spirit is all about. Any of you hating on the guy just take a pause and watch this second half. Doing what he did on one leg is for everyone to appreciate who Clayton is.


Every time we hand off.

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  1. Punt return TD

  2. Tune TD pass while getting drilled

  3. Sack of Navy QB on last drive on 3rd down


Two sacks of a QB who couldn’t really move. That’s not too bad.

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LG has been (somewhat) upgraded. If 73 can discover a mean streak and finish plays, he can be good. Very green at this point

The delay draw.
yours truly,
The Love Coach

Those are mine as well.

Name of thread is favorite plays, stay on topic

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