FBI investigating GOP officials in OK for, well, crazy stuff


“I know. Take them down to Mud Creek and hang them up with a damn rope. But you can’t do that anymore. They got more rights than we got.”

Elected officials no less. Note the white grievances complaints on rights ?
Be proud republicans, this is the base of your party.


As a poster said…blacks were better in the 50s.


Obama’s fault according to resident bigots


Live look in at his reaction to the article…


So much more obedient back then. :roll_eyes: Back when “we” could terrorize them or just “disappear” them…




Man just read that article again. Blows my mind. It really sounds like at least one of the posters on here.

I’m glad these people are being exposed for who they really are.

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“Now you talk about terror, I’ve been terrorized all my days, what about poor me, I’ve been terrorized all my days.” Stole my name and left me in chains. Hung me from the tallest oak tree and castrated me." Talking about terror, tell you talk about terror people I’ve been terrorized all my days"

“Blacks have more rights than us”…that is scary talk. They also wanted to kill the owner and aon of the local paper.


I’m wonder just what rights they think that blacks have that they don’t?

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Civil rights…they see not being able to lynch someone in mud creek a losa of their rights.

This is beyond deranged. Not being able to extrajudicially kill people somehow means you have less rights than them? It’s sick. These folks are lost. How do you even reason with them much less share a community, city, state and country? Disturbing.


LH and pepper would agree with those guys.

Yeah, its the media’s fault……

“The trio was supposedly frustrated with the Gazette-News portraying the sheriff’s office unfavorably in their reporting.”

It would be nice to think this is just a one off red herring of extreme racism in
one rural county. But I suspect it’s not. It is probably the underbelly in much of
rural America.