FBI resisted investigating Trump and Allies for J6

Assuming this report is accurate, it pushes back on the narrative of the “weaponized” FBI. Well at least in my opinion.

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I saw that. Garland, Monaco, and Wray seemed more interested in avoiding the appearance of being political. lol. Didn’t work given that MAGA thinks they’re the Stasi.

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Garland is overcautious. Good thing Jack Smith is running the investigations.

“The Justice Department’s painstaking approach to investigating Trump can be traced to Garland’s desire to turn the page from missteps, bruising attacks and allegations of partisanship in the department’s recent investigations of both Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.”


Here’s an “opinion” article by one of the biggest water carriers for Trump out there.

A few days ago, he acknowledged that Trump will likely do jail time.

MAGAts are a special breed.

EDIT: My mother-in-law is friends with Merrick. Also friends with Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Coney-Barrett.

Just for full disclosure.

Uh-oh. As expected and proved repeatedly, the “deep state” is not what the naive and ignorant think it is. It’s just another part of their projection arsenal.

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He’s the Kim Helton of AGs.

A screen play? Really? That’s some far extreme stuff you’re talkin’ 'bout. I’m just here to look the part and redeem UH from the heathen that disgraced football.

I’m guessing we will hear crickets in this thread too.

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