Feeling bad for Saban

He is upset that Alabama can’t just pay kids under the table anymore.

I am sure he is upset that he can’t control what the players make from the NIL directly like he can control his 10 million dollar salary. These articles are almost comical.


Agreed. Now that he’ll be playing actual comp in the SEC its hard to imagine him still coaching 5 years from now.

I don’t think it’s that.

I think that he sees the reality: there aren’t as many wealthy Bama alums as there are USC, UT, and aTm alums to fund the NIL “honey pot.”

Sucks I guess.

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What I meant was he was able to control the bag men. He could cap players earnings, and his capped earnings were the most on the block.

Ever time I hear Saban complain about something. It always sounds the same as his complaining about fast paced offenses. “I had these advantages and then someone has come along and figured out, or in this case paid to negate my advantages, and that’s wrong.”

I’m not saying NLI isn’t it of control and he might have point, but man when he complains it comes off as super whiny, “Poor me and Bama. Whatever shall we do”


Feeling bad for Saban? Not one bit. It’s like feeling sorry for a billionaire that lost $1M in stocks.