Feinstein - CFP Needs Overhaul



Solid article. Wish more would write similar things.

Hooray for Feinstein!

Great article…we need more members of the AAC to stand up for themselves. We have the potential to be a real headache for the goo ole boys network. We are comprised of LARGE public schools in LARGE markets…we need to start to turn the tables.


I liked it better when there were about 10 bowl games

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The only way to make a difference other than a suit against the big schools for making a separate but unequal system is to vote with your TV. Encourage all fans of all small schools to simply not watch the bastardized playoff games of the Big boys. Cut the ratings from ESPN and the networks who are the money behind the system.


I must have taken the long route to watch UH beat FSU in the Sugar Bowl. It felt like I drove to Atlanta…

And it’s Aresco…

But other than that I liked his article. Ya Woo Feinstein Football Writing!

What I still don’t like about Feinstein’s Playoff is that it leaves out 2 of the G5 champs.
Let all Conference Champs in and take 6 at-large…like they do in every other sport.
Many G5 teams will vastly improve in recruiting if the recruits know they can make the Playoffs. Sure, not every MAC team will get strong. But some teams from the MAC will be a threat in a Playoff game against a #3 seed.

Right now if the playoff was Clemson, Bama, ND, LSU I would say that UCF could upset three of the four.
Give UCF, Houston, BSU, SDSU a chance to recruit on even footing and the chances go up.

If they rank UH and another G5 school, it weakens P5 SOS and strengthens G5 SOS, rigged system. What’s new?

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And that’s the reason the cartel will resist a true playoff.

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That and sharing money.