Fertitta Center Temperature?

This is an abrupt and silly question, but what’s the temperature like in Fertitta Center? I’ve never been cold in there but someone that I’m inviting to Monday’s game is concerned about it.

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It’s freezing. Bring a jacket.

  • My Fiancee

If someone is concerned about it, that person should bring a light jacket. Even if it’s not cold, that person would be cold. :slightly_smiling_face:


I ordered a letterman jacket from Galen Jr. . Hasn’t arrived yet but CC billed Oct 13.

Contact Galen directly

Yeah it’s cold in there so jacket in case

Hope it is HOT for refs

Uh oh. Another gray seater excuse.


this. when I ordered some gear through his company I emailed a question and he personally responded relatively quickly.

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Has anyone received their Jacket yet?