Fertitta WIFI

They look to have gotten it right. Works perfect!!


I agree

Great. Let’s allow the same company to fix the wifi in TDECU!


They have WiFi at TDECU?


I still cannot get any wifi up in the 300 section on the home side. Put some antennas up there!

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Well done!!!

wifi in a small indoor arena is so much easier to work than a huge outdoor stadium. common sense should tell you that

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If you have been a member of Coogfans and reading the streams for any length of time, you would know “common” sense is not very common here . . . . .


If the WiFi at TDECU will never work then common sense would tell you that it’s a waste of money for the school to pay for it and us fans to be told from the beginning it would. RIGHT?

True. But also, we did not use Boingo at FC. And as soon as the Boingo contract is up at TDECU, things will be improved there too.

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