Fetterman flopped in Oz debate, lead erodes

Lead is down to 2%.

Polls show an overwhelming debate victory for Oz.

Please note that this is NOT from a right-wing news source.

I read somewhere that Fetterman won that debate.


Viewers by a 62% to 17% margin say that Oz won it.


Oz clearly won from everything I’ve seen.

Did the debate matter to the voters? We’ll find out Wednesday or so.

I like watching them (mostly) while realizing they have little to do with the ability to legislate or govern.

Oprah just endorsed Fetterman. That may matter, may not matter.

It probably matters to some. Polls seem to indicate that.

Dear Lord. You know the Republic is in its last throws when people listen to Oprah Winfrey on who to vote for.


I think you meant “throes,” but Oprah has some stroke with a lot of people. IDK, will it matter? Interesting, which is why I mentioned it.

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We elected a reality tv star as president. I’ll put nothing past us anymore.

As opposed to whom? Fox News? Clean up your spelling, you’ve lost your fastball, bro.

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Multi billionaire businessman

He’s not president without being a reality tv star, probably not a billionaire either.

So you say. We don’t have his tax returns yet.

ZING! Walked right into that pitch!

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Tax returns don’t show net worth. You are showing your ignorance.

You’ve already mentioned that.

I read it, and dismissed it.

Your point…is moot.

Why would the dems run with him?
It is obvious he can’t do the job. He/fetterman should have stepped aside for a better candidate.
Keeping him shows how dysfunctional the dems are.
Keep in mind that fetterman got into an altercation with an African American male, used his gun as a show of force.
The guy is everything else than what he portrays.
Another racist dem wearing a daily Halloween costume.

Why did you dismiss the truth? A tax return does not show net worth. Go look at your own 1040 if you don’t believe us.

His business tax returns would include a balance sheet. Also enough tax returns would help tell the net worth story.

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The funniest moment to me was when fetterman began the debate by saying “good night everybody”.


Show me a tax return that shows someones net worth.