How high up on the Democrats President candidate list is this guy?

He doesn’t even make the polls.

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2018 lol…do you even read what you post


Sigh, open the link dude. It’s a lot more up to date than what you just posted.

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The one from 2018….just need clarity??

You should really read stuff first (especially before asking if others do).

The polls in my link were last updated hours ago.


I’m curious. Does egg on the face taste the same or is just your preferred
method of consumption ?


The dems knew fetterman had a stroke and had other medical issues. But no even though his personal health is in trouble they kept pushing him forward not considering his well being.
The question is pretty simple:
Would he have been elected if the voters knew the truth about his medical condition?

Egg on the face from the guy that was telling us all how Fettertard was a better candidate that Oz! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you libtards are all the same

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It’s interesting how when some are clearly proven wrong, they just stop talking to you. Never acknowledging it, just quit talking about it.

I guess that helps their ego, idk.


probably so.

as mitt romney said, paraphrasing; there are 47% that are dependent on the govt. so, democrats get around that without breaking a sweat. one of the main reasons its so hard for gop to win. coulda been anyone in PA and they woulda had a good chance to win. dems only pushed fetterman because he was the best of the lot they had available.

There are plenty of candidates that wouldn’t have won if the truth was out there.

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Indefensible from his family and the dems to have him running. They all knew it.

Those two sentences are a bit logically inconsistent. On one hand you are saying “anyone” the
Democratic party runs could win and then you say only he was the best chance.

Fetterman won his primary. Later he had a stroke. Nothing was hidden about his recent medical
conditions from the public, who elected him in the general election anyway. I’m not sure how the party could “undo” or “takeaway” his primary win; that’s up to voters in the general election. If you
don’t like the fact that another MAGA endorsed candidate lost, well that’s life. Deal with it and run better candidates.

“Post-stroke depression is very, very common,” said Dr. Lee Schwamm, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital who is not involved with Fetterman’s care. “Estimates are somewhere up to a third of patients with stroke will have depression at some point after their stroke.”


“There were better candidates.”
•George Santos


Just a bit. :laughing:


A potato would be a better candidate than Oz.


Well the Lib Tard does resemble Mr Potato-head…but with half the brain

Just man up and say he did the right thing by checking himself in for treatment.
Just man up and admit Democrats are not considering him for running for POTUS.
Just man up and admit the polling data provided was recent and you didn’t read it.

Just be a man, if that’s the gender you want to project.