FGM/FGA or FTM/FTA Or them 20/22

Just was a very piss poor day at shooting.19/56 from FG 34%. FT 52%. This type of performance will result in 5 or 6 more L’s and maybe a 5 or 6 seed in NCAA. Maybe time to broker my tickets to highest bidder. Walker missed 6 or 7 inside shots. One and done? Send him packing. Not the player he is supposed to be.

Temple makes 20 of 22FT? Joke on officials.

I still can’t believe Temple shot 31% FG and still won. They did make their free throws however. That was the difference.

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While there’s no denying we were pathetic today to say we will go .500 rest of conference play is a bit fatalistic lol



This is easily the dumbest post I have seen today. Well done.


Sampson and this team get a vastly greater longer leash than Dana and Co. This is dumb. It wasn’t our day and refs missed a bunch of calls that we were favored for.

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Very rational post.

Well thought out and not in the least bit emotional

You can now take off your t-shirt and hop off the band wagon. Sure, yesterday was awful. We all get it. There will be a lot more losses in the Big 12. It’s still the best game in town. Do what you have to do though.

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I thought we just went cold. It happens. We still had a great chance to win at the end. Geez this is basketball not football.


Had we made 2 more FT’s…

I will buy your tickets right now, but I suspect you are all hat and no cattle.

Or one less technical foul or held Temple to 4 field goals in the second half instead of 5 !

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C’mon…at least give him dumbest post of the week!

Coogs WILL bounce back. This loss is not indicative of how the season will turn out, OP.

In a game this close you could pick anything on offense or defense and say “if we did ____” or “if the other team ____”. In my book it came down to FT. Temple shot 90% and we shot 52% well below our average. If we just shoot our average we win. Anyway, the entire team looked off yesterday and I would hate to be UCF, right now.

We’re the 80th ranked offense and that didn’t start with Temple. When the 80th ranked offense has a really bad day you’re trying to win a game with the 115th best offense. That’s tough to overcome.

We need to focus and score points. That’s what basketball is about.

I know you’re frustrated but too much of a knee jerk reaction! CKS said that we are a good team not great! He commented that there are a lot of these losses that occur ex. “Wash. St. vs Ariz! The things that I believe can happen b/c of our staff & players is that improvement will happen more consistently from our bench! Ex. Sharp, Arceneaux, Francis are working hard to improve but in certain matchups CKS does not think they are the right options. I think Chaney got more playing time vs Temple b/c he was a better matchup vs Temple. UCF game is going to be interesting in how CKS chooses to matchup vs them.

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