Thank you Coach Kelvin Sampson, thank you Renu Khator, thank you Tilmam Fertitta, thank you fellow alumni and athletics supporters …

and Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to all of those young men who wear the jerseys and play for the University of Houston.

Thank you Cougars Basketball Team, players, coaches and staff.

This old Cougar is very proud of you all.


Thank you team, coaches, support staff, etc… I am 1 proud old Coog tonight.


Have a PBR or ten for me tonight Larry!


Took close to a decade long commitment to building a true foundation (coach, improved facilities, fan support, etc) to get us to this day!

And the best part we will have that foundation still next season and the season after that and the one after that!


I want to thank CoogFans and folks like John Sypert. Many of us have been around long enough to see a lot of highs and lows over the years.

Here’s to all those who have gone before us that bled Cougar Red to the end and here’s to all of you.

Go Coogs


Good words. John would have loved this moment.

But, the job isn’t done. Two more games to win #30 & the National Championship.


Imagine if UH wins the National Championship :trophy: :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

A big ol parade!!!

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I had season tickets during PSJ when your ears would ring for days after a game. I had season tickets when you could yell at each other across Hofheinz there were so few people there. What a blessing we received in Coach Sampson! So THANKFUL for an Administration that decided to reinvest in Basketball. Thankful for Tilman Fertitta! The atmosphere when the Fertitta Center is full and rocking is phenomenal. Let’s take care of this - don’t let it slip away ever again! Go Coogs!



This is a great achievement, that means a lot to so many of us. I went to my first Cougar bb game when Elvin Hayes was a soph and I was in 5th grade. That opened my eyes to how much fun it was watching them. WHEN I think of U of H BB I think of the great teams over the next 50 years! Now we are back in a time when we win every year! Thanks to all who have made this current success possible.

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