Final Score Prediction 2021....Coogs vs Kitty Cats

Last one friends…Go Coogs !!!

Coogs - 33
Tigers - 27

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Cougars 31
Tigers 21

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Coogs 24
Auburn 17

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Any doubt?

Coogs by 1

Coogs 27
Tigers 13


Bad feeling about this one but I refuse to make our Coogs an underdog. Beat Auburn!

We thoroughly beat Auburn. Dana takes us to the promised land and we end the season ranked in the top 15.

Coogs 35
Tigers 33

optimism at its finest!

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Cougardue with the win !!! donation to tip jar…iirc that’s multiple wins for this season :+1:

It’s been a fun year and great season…the future is very BRIGHT

Until next season, good health and a great 2022 to all


I think it will be a close game.

Coogs 17
Auburn 13


Was actually just looking at top 15 being realistic….BYU has lost already and a few others in front of us had games cancelled…. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

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