Finally a decent article from Forbes on CTH staying put in Houston

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Or basically you don’t need to change jobs to be successful.

Also makes a nice comparison to coach John Wooden from UCLA.

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Yes, I really appreciated this article.

As I have heard and read time and time again…at this point everything hinges on our acceptance into a P5 conference. Once that happens, CTH will truly have no reason to look anywhere else unless one of the blue bloods comes calling like USC, Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, etc. I know money talks, but CTH’s loyalty thus far tells me that if we can pay him and offer him the facilities he needs to make our program great again, his only looking to the future will be his goal to get his statue erected next to Yeoman’s.

I only worry about Ohio St.

College football fans saw a major upset on Saturday in Texas thanks in part to a coach who is more focused on his current job than bigger opportunities down to road.

quote context:

Throw that shade at Sumlin. Love it!

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Tom Herman quote:
“It’s a compliment to our program, our staff,” he said when asked about the speculation. “This Houston program is not just Tom Herman. It’s our assistant coaches, our operations people, and, definitely our strength staff. It’s a compliment to be mentioned for things like that but our fans and everyone else needs to know how much Michelle and myself love not only the city of Houston but the university, the administration. We’re never going to talk about other jobs other than to say we’re flattered at the compliments.”


I totally agree!! The east coast media(and a certain AM radio show in our area code) can’t stand the fact that CTH is resolute in regards to staying put right where he’s at. I believe that his belief is that with university and community support, he can build a proud and successful program & add his name to the list of legendary UH coaches. He’s ALL IN, and I’m a devout HERMANIST.


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