Finally, we aren't on a List!


A “limit”. LOL. As God intended.

As much as I loathe the blatant abuse of the environment, I drink tap water as my pentence for being a child of the Industrial Age. Drinking bottled water is a freaking joke. “Oh me, I’m so special I deserve and only purity can touch my body. Now I’ll just toss the plastic bottle in the street.”

Plus bottled water babies are invariably some of the most unhealthy looking people.

Drink your Forevers America. You support it.

“We don’t need no regulations of guvrmint infrinjin on r freedums and hurtin the economiks.”

The unfettered abuse of water is just another sign of the end times.

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This is why i filter my water TWICE before drinking it and avoid bottle water whenever i can.

Another list we aren’t on. It’s safe to drink our tap water!

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But we made this list.

I went to an Ozarka Springs bottling facility here in town once. They have like a +16" line going into their building…big lable on a flange… “City of Houston.”

While I dissed the waste water treatment in another thread, the City puts out pretty darn good drinking water.

It’s long been highly rated.

“I love it.”, said a Flint resident.

In Vegas the water tastes great, but found out it rates low due to heavy metal content.

Those damn druggies and their heavy metal. If they just had some downhome bluegrass.

Thought it was from the extra additives from the decomposing bodies at lake Mead.

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