Financial Impact of Not Playing

Ohio State may be able to absorb this kind of hit, imagine what the smaller Big 10 programs will be facing.

Whether they play or not, it is going to be a terribly economically painful year which will impact all. Obviously the P5s with their broadcast revenue will be able to fair far better, but that does not mean their cost structure is not going to get significantly trimmed. Typically, the more revenue they have historically made, the far bigger their cost structure that will need to get cut to offset that revenue loss.

If they do not play, the economic impact is going to be far worse and longer lasting. It will ripple for a long time. Right now, we are seeing programs make the small cuts with eliminating administrative positions, support positions, GA roles and their scholarships, all a very small percentage and in some cases sports programs have been singled out. We will see more programs getting cuts in the future and less scholarships out there. If the NCAA forces a year of eligibility to be provided that will back up the supply in the pipeline to come along with adding more scholarship costs to programs that have been cut.

coudn’t happen to a nicer bunch of schools, cry me a river